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SLM Launch Digital AM Quality Assurance Solution

SLM Solutions has announced the launch of SLM.Quality. The quality assurance software solution will enable customers to perform build job evaluations and process qualifications and part certifications more efficiently. Whether it’s for single part or series production, the SLM.Quality solution can support industrial customers during the qualification process, improving traceability and documentation of key process data.

Industrial aerospace and automotive customers face higher productivity and quality expectations, more challenging part requirements, and growing compliance demands from industry regulators. To meet these challenges in additive manufacturing, a robust and seamless quality assurance system is a must, especially for serial production.

Resulting from a deep comprehension of customer needs across all AM-adoptive industries, SLM Solutions has refined SLM.Quality to the point where it is already implemented in running systems. The result is a superior solution that applies the ultimate combination of software packages rightful of its name: SLM.Quality.

Using SLM.Quality, customers can easily visualize and evaluate their build data so that they can validate their parts and continuously improve their processes. Next to providing valuable build job insights, the SLM.Quality solution also offers a speedy and error-free documentation process.

With the optional SLM.Quality API, industrial customers can smoothly integrate this process within their production control system. The API is also proven to be extremely valuable for research institutes and universities. They can use it to deep dive into evaluating events, condition monitoring and process monitoring data, and apply the retrospective information to their research areas, such as data science.

Nicolas Lemaire, Product Manager Software & Product Control at SLM Solutions, states: “SLM.Quality is the ideal quality assurance solution to enable Additive Manufacturers to adopt the best-in-class industry practices by performing process qualification and part validation activities even more efficiently than before. The solution is flexible as we offer a ready-to-use desktop application with visualization dashboards and a reporting tool, but also an API to enable seamless access to the process data for the MES and Production control system.”

SLM.Quality is a highly configurable software solution tailored to specific customer needs and entirely plays into SLM Solutions’ open architecture philosophy. Globally supported and outfitted with a user-friendly UI experience, no advanced training is necessary to operate SLM.Quality with SLM machines. SLM.Quality has already had a positive impact on industrial customers and research institutes that have been running the Beta program.

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