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Software Upgrade Packs More Power For 3D Scanning

Scan Dimension, developer of 3D scanning solutions, has announces that its SOL PRO scanning software solution has received a significant upgrade. SOL PRO Creator and SOL PRO Viewer for Scan Dimension’s professional-level 3D scanner already let users achieve top-quality 3D scanning results with minimal user intervention. New features make the process of scanning and inspecting objects even more powerful:

The software now calculates the volume and surface area of the scanned object, which gives users instant results for inspection.
A new option to ‘Exclude Texture’ on a scan also reduces total scanning time by 15%.

After calibration, the software displays the outlines of two cylinders on the turntable, indicating the recommended minimum and maximum object size. The SOL PRO 3D scanner makes it possible to scan both dark and partially dark objects. With the upgrade, the noise reduction process behind the dark mode option removes unwanted artifacts.

SOL PRO Creator offers users a choice of 3 scanning modes: high accuracy (up to 0.05 mm), normal, or turbo (faster). Profiles created for the high accuracy scanning mode now also improve the accuracy of turbo.

“With this software upgrade, SOL PRO becomes even easier to use and more powerful for inspection. These improvements will keep SOL PRO at the forefront of the 3D scanner market in terms of ease of use and quality of results,” comments Jacob Bendix, Chief Commercial Officer, Scan Dimension.

SOL PRO Creator and SOL PRO Viewer software are designed exclusively for SOL PRO, one of the most accurate 3D desktop scanners in its class for product inspection of volume, surface area, shape, and size with metrology-grade accuracy. The easy-to-use software automates the entire 3D scanning process, utilizing a combination of true laser space conversion and white-light technology to achieve effortless, high-quality results, making SOL PRO a perfect partner for inspection, quality assurance, prototyping, and reverse engineering.

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