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Sensofar Launch New Line of Optical Sensor Heads For Automation Integration

Sensofar Metrology, with over 20 years’ experience in developing optical surface metrology systems, has launched a new four-sensor heads line which allow integration into manufacturing solutions.

Growing customer interest in integrating surface metrology equipment into inspection and manufacturing machines, has inspired Sensofar to create the new line of products parallel to its existing line of table-top systems. Sensofar have adapted what were once exclusively table-top products, creating products that can now be integrated, and always with the consistent company philosophy of providing maximum performance in productivity.

“We are excited to introduce this new product line that provides solutions to our partners’ needs. Together, we will be able to expand both our product range and the Sensofar brand in the leading markets of semiconductors, PCBs or additive manufacturing. Sensofar’s philosophy has always been to listen to market needs then work to offer the best solution. With this new line, we will offer versatile and integrated solutions to our partners.” said Alberto Aguerri, VP Sales.

By incorporating the Sensofar flagship S neox along with the company’s latest release, the S wide, the 3D sensors provide maximum versatility and performance due to the combination of Sensofar’s patented 4-in-1 technologies.
With Sensofar’s 4-in-1 approach a single click in the software switches the system to the best technique for the task at hand. There are 4 measurement techniques found in the S neox sensor head – Ai Focus Variation, Confocal, Interferometry & Spectroscopic Reflectometry. Each contribute critically to the versatility of the system and help minimize undesirable compromises in the data acquisition in surface measurement applications.

Robust and Reliable

Production environments are often hostile to metrology equipment: variable conditions, vibrations, aggressive materials, etc. make measurement tasks more difficult. The Sensofar integration 3D sensors have been designed to perform directly in manufacturing environments. The sealed sensor head keeps out debris and particles. The optical assembly contains no moving parts allowing the sensors stay clean and aligned.

Compact. Light, and Orientation Independent

Small size and low weight make designing for integration easy. Functional in any orientation, Sensofar sensors can be positioned as the application requires with cable lengths of up to 20m. The sensors are adaptable for both in-line production and robot-mounted sensing applications.

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