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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – July 10th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Fully Automated Surface Inspection for Smart Factories

ZEISS has launched the next generation of the surface inspection system ABIS. The new sensor ZEISS ABIS III, which has been designed, developed and produced in Germany, enables reliable and early inspection of the entire component surface … read more

Metrology 4.0 – Is It Really Happening and How?

Metrology 4.0, also known as Smart Metrology or Digital Metrology, is a significant development currently happening in the field of industrial metrology. It is closely allied to the broader concept of Industry 4.0, which refers to the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing and production processes … read more

Atlas Copco Acquires German Augmented Reality Solutions Provider

Atlas Copco has acquired Extend3D GmbH, a company that develops and produces augmented reality worker guidance for industry customers, using laser and video projection. The company has revenues of approximately 3 MEUR … read more

In-Situ Inspection Partnership To Reach Data-Driven AM Reliability at Scale

Phase3D, a startup creating real-time inspection technology for powder-based additive manufacturing (AM), and DMG MORI, a global leader in advanced machining technologies, has recently announced a new research collaboration initiative aimed at advancing additive manufacturing technology … read more

Zivid Unveils Transparent Imaging 3D Cameras

Zivid unveiled the full line up for the Zivid 2+ camera family at the recent Automatica exhibition in Munich, Germany. The series of 3D cameras unlock a swathe of applications through improved resolution and transparent imaging … read more

Diving Deeper With Neutron Radiography

Neutron radiography is a nondestructive imaging method that reveals the internal structure of a sample by subjecting it to a neutron beam. Also known as neutron imaging or neutron tomography, neutron radiography can help manufacturers in a variety of industries including aerospace and defense … read more

In-Process Measurement System Achieves Tight Tolerances During ‘Lights-Out’ Production

Lights-out manufacturing for cutting tool blank preparation is now even more productive with new ANCA technology – an in-process OD measurement system for the CPX Linear machine. ANCA continues to lead the market in developing new technology so its customers can realize the benefits of automation and higher productivity … read more

Collaboration To Accelerate Integration of AI-Based Robotics and Automation Technology

Intrinsic, an Alphabet company, and Siemens have teamed up to explore integrations and interfaces between Intrinsic’s robotics software, which is designed for easy use of AI-based capabilities, and Siemens Digital Industries with their open and interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production … read more

Repeatably Measuring 100% of Parts on Medical Device Production Lines

Leading metrology fixture manufacturer Verus Metrology Partners has launched the Anvil AMS, a new solution division bringing automated metrology systems to medical device production and assembly lines. Combining advanced technologies and Verus’s extensive experience in the MedTech industry, the solutions … read more

Techman Robot Selects NVIDIA Isaac Sim to Optimize Optical Inspection

How do you help robots build better robots? By simulating even more robots. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang recently showcased how leading electronics manufacturer Quanta is using AI-enabled robots to inspect the quality of its products. In his keynote speech at the COMPUTEX trade show in Taipei … read more

Encoder Technology Enables Next Level of Robotics Accuracy

At the recent AUTOMATICA exhibition HEIDENHAIN presented a single device that provides position feedback from both the motor shaft and gearbox output shaft of a robot joint: the KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder. Using robust inductive scanning technology, the encoder’s scanning head reads two separate circular scales … read more

3D Scanning Partnership To Produce Reverse Engineered AM Parts

Snowbird Technologies has announced that it has entered into a partnership with 3D measurement solutions provider Creaform. Snowbird plans to offer the MetraSCAN 3D Optical CMM scanner, VXinspect software, and Polyworks software solutions and build on Snowbird’s earlier release of its SAMM Tech AM platform … read more

Integrating Microscopy into Automated Microelectronics Manufacturing

Microelectronic components in electronics have become part of our daily life—whether in smartphones, smart homes, or smart cars. Built with intelligent optical sensors and emitters, as well as corresponding logic and memory modules, these advanced components require highly developed production facilities … read more

Measuring Vehicle Luggage Space – A Process a Little Like Tetris

The volume of a car trunk (boot) is an important purchase criterion. According to common DIN, ISO and SAE industrial standards, it is determined by filling up the trunk with special boxes. In addition to using the trunk of a real car, this process is more and more performed with … read more