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3D Scanning Partnership To Produce Reverse Engineered AM Parts

Snowbird Technologies has announced that it has entered into a partnership with 3D measurement solutions provider Creaform. Snowbird plans to offer the MetraSCAN 3D Optical CMM scanner, VXinspect software, and Polyworks software solutions and build on Snowbird’s earlier release of its SAMM Tech Additive Manufacturing platform, enabling users to reverse engineer obsolete or missing parts to ensure continued operations and mission readiness.

Specifically designed for manufacturing, the MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanner can withstand a variety of production environments and environmental instability, which is well suited to the needs of those using the mobile SAMM Tech Additive Manufacturing platform. SAMM Tech units are built within standard ISO intermodal containers,  allowing for easy transportation and delivery through traditional methods.  with each SAMM Tech machine custom designed and built to meet the needs of each customer.

Using fifteen lasers, MetraSCAN 3D generates accurate dimensional data that is converted to printable drawings that SAMM Tech can Additively Manufacture and mill for onsite parts replacement and repairs. The VXinspect and Polyworks software solutions provide the simplest integration platform and application suite for probing and scanning measurement capabilities.

“Our partner agreement with Creaform is pivotal as the SAMM Tech Additive Manufacturing platform gains market share in the defence, oil & gas, mining, and industrial segments,” stated Jeremy Heerdink, VP of Business Development. “The MetraSCAN 3D scanner and software solutions offer a competitive advantage of flexibility and quality assurance in the production of 3D parts. These products coupled with the SAMM Tech platform will ensure that operators and warfighters are able to produce the parts needed when they are needed the most. Our goal is to bridge the gap and shortcomings of a failing global supply chain to ensure that both defence and business operations can continue.”

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