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Zivid Unveils Transparent Imaging 3D Cameras

Zivid unveiled the full line up for the Zivid 2+ camera family at the recent Automatica exhibition in Munich, Germany. The M60, M130 and L110, series of 3D cameras unlock a swathe of applications through improved resolution and transparent imaging capabilities.

Sensor Line-Up To Address Any Application

Zivid 2+ M60 brings the highest resolution, accuracy, and quality to point clouds and 2D images, making it ideal for inspection, assembly, and robot guidance tasks. The Zivid 2+ L110 has a wide FOV (Field of View) and a focus distance at 110cm, resulting in an all-round solution to meet a range of automation needs. This camera unlocks possibilities in multi-bin servicing, robot-mounted depalletization and picking from large bins. Finally, the Zivid 2+ M130 is the optimal piece picking 3D camera, ideal for stationary mounted and longer clearance scenarios. With this 3D camera portfolio, you can address a wide variety of machine vision applications.

See Everything – Do Anything

Point cloud example of gears captured with the Zivid 2+ M60 3D camera

Zivid also introduced its new Omni-Engine vision pipeline with Zivid 2+. The radically novel approach with temporal structured light 3D yields unprecedented 3D data. Delivering 84dB HDR (High Dynamic Range) in a single acquisition, it is now possible to see more detail in one shot than ever before. Items considered impossible to capture, such as transparent bottles, poly bags, bubble wrap, and shiny reflective parts, are now revealed with stunning completeness and accuracy.

Unlocking Transparency

Transparency has long been considered an impossible feat in 3D machine vision, and as a leading innovator in 3D vision, Zivid strives to make the impossible possible. Years of R&D efforts are now manifesting themselves in a product that enables consistent and reliable captures from all but the clearest glass.

3D + 2D Unified

The Zivid 2+ family unifies 5-megapixel 3D and 2D data into a single product, delivering crisp and complete point clouds, hi-res images, and surface normals in one package. The elegance of this unified approach is already being welcomed by some of the best-known names in the automation world. This all-in-one product is perfectly timed for the current innovation in 3D and 2D AI models that will transform robotic automation.

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