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Repeatably Measuring Up to 100% of Parts on Medical Device Production Lines

Leading metrology fixture manufacturer Verus Metrology Partners has launched the Anvil AMS, a new solution division bringing automated metrology systems to medical device production and assembly lines. Combining advanced technologies and Verus’s extensive experience in the MedTech industry, the solutions developed by the Anvil AMS are capable of repeatably measuring up to 100 percent of parts. Measurements and inspections can also be completed faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost compared to traditional, manual inspection approaches.

Manual inspection processes are typically independent of production and assembly lines. This detachment has negative impacts on productivity and efficiency, impacts that are exacerbated by the number of individual steps required to complete the inspection of a single part. Many of those steps also require the involvement of operators.

Verus’s Anvil AMS solutions move measurement and inspection processes closer to production and/or assembly lines. Both in-line and near-line solutions deepen the integration between production and quality processes, delivering immediate productivity and efficiency benefits. Automating metrology and inspection also reduces the number of steps required to accurately and repeatably measure a part while minimising the involvement of operators.

Andrew Hodson, CEO at Verus Metrology Partners, said: “Our new Anvil AMS division has been specifically designed for the medical device industry. As a result, it is not about offering a product or a specific piece of technology. Instead, we offer automated metrology solutions based on customer requirements. This includes GAP assessments of current inspection processes, as well as technical and financial feasibility studies. We also develop business cases for in-line and near-line automated metrology solutions. This is all in addition to our design, development, manufacturing, programming, testing, validating, installing, and commissioning capabilities.”

Benefits of Automation Inspection

Michael Nugent, COO Verus Metrology Partners, said: “Verus continuously pushes the boundaries of metrology and inspection technologies to deliver tangible benefits and rapid return on investment for our customers. The introduction of the Anvil AMS seeks to build on this work, helping medical device manufacturers across the world benefit from the potential of Quality 4.0. With a closed loop in-line or near-line automated metrology system, more products can be inspected, and they can be inspected in real-time, with deviations identified and corrected before they exceed limits.”

Eliminate Human Error

The tangible benefits offered by Anvil’s automated metrology solutions include the elimination of human error in metrology and inspection processes. This is achieved by minimising (or eliminating) the involvement of operators that, in turn, enables the redistribution of resources to more value-adding tasks.

Faster Inspection Process

Automated inspection solutions on medical device production and assembly lines also increase inspection routine throughput, with 100%-part inspection capabilities in some situations. Automated inspection and measurement routines can also take place in real-time, improving not just quality department productivity, but also production line throughput and overall productivity.

Improved Repeatedly

The more manual the inspection process, the more challenging it is to achieve maximum repeatability. The reverse is also true, as increased automation significantly improves inspection repeatability. By automating metrology and inspection, medical device production facilities can reduce product failure rates and the impact product failures have on patient safety, order fulfilment capabilities, customer satisfaction, and company/product reputation.

Maximise OEE

Other immediate and practical advantages of Anvil’s automated metrology solutions include improved inspection repeatability, minimised production line downtime, eliminated process creep and/or dimensional variation, and automated (and error-free) data collection and storage. Automation also facilitates and improves data-based decision-making on production and quality issues.

Hodson, Verus CEO said: “We are excited about the launch of the Anvil AMS for the improvements that can be made to overall production line performance at medical device manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing automation and Industry 4.0 solutions are commonplace in the medical device industry. The time of metrology automation and Quality 4.0 is now.”

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