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In-Situ Inspection Partnership To Reach Data-Driven AM Reliability at Scale

Phase3D, a startup creating real-time inspection technology for powder-based additive manufacturing (AM), and DMG MORI, a global leader in advanced machining technologies, has recently announced a new research collaboration initiative aimed at advancing additive manufacturing technology.

The collaboration initiative between Phase3D and DMG MORI brings together expertise in industrial manufacturing and in-situ inspection to reach data-driven reliability for Additive Manufacturing at scale. The research cooperation is part of a project that focuses on how in-situ inspection helps understand the impacts of print bed anomalies (recoater blade vibrations or damage, improper melting, spatter, protrusions, and/or misprint artifacts). Project Fringe, Phase3D’s flagship in-situ inspection technology, is designed to detect these anomalies in real time to reduce lead time and overall final part scrap, increase the speed of parameter selection, and indicate when printer re-calibration is needed.

Real-time AM inspection using Project Fringe from Phase3D

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DMG MORI on this research initiative”, stated Dr. Niall O’Dowd, Founder and CEO of Phase3D. “By combining our expertise in structural health monitoring and in-situ inspection for powder-based AM with DMG MORI’s history in industrial machine manufacturing, we believe this will help more companies adopt AM for final part production.”

“DMG MORI USA is excited to work with Phase3D and further understand the capabilities and benefits of in-situ inspection“, commented Fred Carter, Head of Research & Development at DMG MORI Additive Solutions.

The companies have installed Phase3D’s Project Fringe in-situ inspection system on DMG MORI’s LASERTEC 30 SLM at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois

Phase3D is on a mission to reduce the cost per part of additive manufacturing through real-time part health inspection. The company launched in fall 2021 as a spinout from the University of California and is committed to advancing in-situ monitoring for AM in production environments. Project Fringe, Phase3D’s flagship system, is an inspection tool which uses structured light to objectively detect and classify print anomalies which lead to part defects. Phase3D produces quantitative height mapping and is the only system available that can measure out-of-plane surface anomalies in real time for both powder bed fusion and binder jetting processes.

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