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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 7th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Automating Aerospace Manufacturing Component Inspections

The aerospace manufacturing industry is known for its stringent quality requirements and precise manufacturing needs. This industry demands rapid, accurate data collection to produce components that meet the highest safety standards. Automating these processes is a task that has long been on the industry’s horizon … read more

Alliance For OpenUSD To Drive Open Standards For 3D Content

Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, and NVIDIA, together with the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), an affiliate of the Linux Foundation, has announced the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD) to promote the standardization, development, evolution, and growth of Pixar’s Universal Scene Description technology … read more

Collecting Trustworthy 3D Measurements – The Smart Metrology Approach

Manufacturing companies monitor product quality every day by collecting dimensional measurement data. This data is used to investigate the stability of a manufacturing process, determine the ability of the process to ensure part quality and functionality, and establish indices to quantify the capability of the process … read more

iQ-Vision Handles Demanding Inline Measurement and Inspection Tasks

Enigmasoft’s iQ-vision system software handles demanding inline measurement and inspection tasks through interactive learning and configuration of the application without need for programming knowledge. iQ-Vision’s innovative memory management system offers top performance even when analysing large data volumes … read more

Enhanced Features Offer Effortless Augmented Reality-Based Quality Control

The Twyn mobile inspection system revolutionizes quality control in various industries with its user-friendly tablet interface. Now, with the release of Twyn 2.0, Visometry presents a substantial upgrade to its augmented reality tracking solution, catering to mechanical, plant, and automotive engineering sectors … read more

Wayland Additive Adds Mixed Reality For Customer Support and Collaboration

Wayland Additive has announced its latest advanced options for post-sale Calibur3 service contracts and collaboration. The service packages available from Wayland employ the capabilities of Mixed Reality (MR) technology. This will be delivered via RemoteSpark that combines the physical and digital worlds … read more

Foolproof Automated Inspection Transforms Medical Manufacturer’s QCl

Alltrista Plastics had been using 24/7 two CNC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for more than 10 years at its UK factory which had become inefficient. The accuracy and repeatability of touch-trigger probing were becoming compromised due to the age of the machines … read more

Custom Measurement Solution Accelerates Inspection Speed by 92%

Bowers Group has successfully supported precision engineering company Virtue Aerospace with its compliance procedures using a bespoke measurement solution. The system was supplied to Virtue Aerospace by Bowers partner, Mech Metrology, and designed to speed up the inspection process of fuel pump impellers … read more

Mahr To Feature Automated Measuring Station & OPC UA Interface Standard

Mahr will be exhibiting at the EMO trade fair in Hanover from September 18 to 23, 2023 and will present new and proven solutions in production metrology and its digital services (Hall 6, Booth A42) Mahr will be showing the selected products and services from its extensive portfolio … read more

Sandvik Acquires CAM Post Processing Software Developer Postability

Sandvik has acquired Postability, a Canadian-based global software firm developing NC (numerical control) post processors for Mastercam. Postability’s offering will complement and strengthen Sandvik’s existing portfolio of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solutions. Postability will be a part of business unit Mastercam … read more

Faro Announces Second Quarter Financial Results

FARO Technologies has announced its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2023. Second Quarter 2023 Financial Summary Total sales of $88.2 million, up 10% year over year or 6% excluding the impact of prior year acquisitions. Software sales of $10.8 million, up 2% compared to the prior year period … read more

Hexagon Announces Half Year Financial Results

Hexagon Group operating net sales increased by 6 per cent to 1,366.0 MEUR (US$1,503M). Using fixed exchange rates and a comparable group structure (organic growth), net sales increased by 8 per cent. Regionally, organic growth was 14 per cent in Asia, 7 per cent in EMEA and 6 per cent in the Americas … read more