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Streamlined User Interface and Enhanced Features Offer Effortless Augmented Reality-Based Quality Control

The Twyn mobile inspection system revolutionizes quality control in various industries with its user-friendly tablet interface. Now, with the release of Twyn 2.0, Visometry presents a substantial upgrade to its augmented reality tracking solution, catering to mechanical, plant, and automotive engineering sectors. This advanced version introduces innovative features that accelerate visual quality inspections through automation, making the entire process simpler and more intuitive for users.

One standout feature is the automated component inspection, which empowers inspectors to create precise inspection plans for seamless guidance during assembly. Twyn leads the inspector step by step to specified inspection poses, automating the process. Components are then registered in relation to the entire assembly, with correctly assembled parts marked in green, while any missing or improperly placed components are highlighted in red. Users receive continuous updates on completed test steps, progress, and classification results, ensuring a comprehensive overview and reducing the risk of incomplete inspections.

Complex components and assemblies with numerous features often demand substantial time for quality control. However, the new “Pause and Resume” function in Twyn 2.0 addresses this challenge by allowing projects to be divided into manageable steps. Inspection sessions can be paused and resumed seamlessly, preserving collected data and information. With a simple click, users can pick up right where they left off, providing crucial support for their daily work routines.

Twyn 2.0 comes equipped with a range of new functions to enhance efficiency and user-friendliness in the augmented reality tool. An eye-catching visual representation is essential for effective part inspection with AR, and Twyn 2.0 delivers on this front. The CAD view options enable marking different components of an assembly in distinct colors and finishes, facilitating easier identification of parts and related defects. As a result, component testing becomes more efficient and faster.

“With Twyn 2.0, we are making our tool much easier to use. The new functions offer a high degree of flexibility for our users. This enables us to address an even larger group of customers and to carry out quality assurance even more easily in the Twyn application,” explains Timo Engelke, founder and responsible for product development and strategy at Visometry.

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