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Contour and Surface Metrology Modular Fixturing System

Surface and contour metrology plays a crucial role in ensuring product quality by addressing both fine and coarse shape deviations, ultimately affecting the product’s functionality. The reliability of the inspection process heavily depends on the precision and secure clamping of test specimens, the efficiency of setting up a process-specific fixture, and the ease of repeatable part positioning. Addressing these challenges, German fixturing specialist dk FIXIERSYSTEME GmbH has developed the SWA39 modular clamping system, providing an effective solution.

The intelligent dk concept offers a diverse range of standard modules, allowing for the construction of simple or complex clamping fixtures without the need for custom-made parts. The flexibility of the fixture constructions allows for disassembly and reassembly in new configurations. With high wear resistance, the system ensures prolonged use, reducing processing times for new products, and leading to cost savings on fixtures.

The system baseplate serves as the foundation for aligning the measuring area of the specimen with the measuring device’s axis. It can be easily adjusted in the X and Y axes within a T-slot on the machine. Guide pins mounted underneath the plate can be adjusted along the Y axis of the grid, engaging with the table slot to precisely hold movement in the X axis along the measuring axis. Additionally, the base plate can be rotated infinitely and securely clamped, even without guide pins. On tables without a T-slot, the base plate remains stable in any position due to its substantial weight.

For measurement applications requiring tilting functionality to align parts and set the test surface at the required horizontal plane, the modular system offers a variety of clamping elements that can be adjusted using the same tilt element. This adaptability ensures an optimal process for different measurement scenarios.

Fine adjustments of the X and Y positions, as well as rotation, can be made via micrometer heads in the positioning stage, allowing precise and locked settings for each measurement.

The extensive scope of the SWA39 modular fixturing system, along with its logical and detailed solutions, seamlessly interacts with other dk fixturing systems, providing outstanding user benefits. Moreover, the possibility of mutual or alternating use of all basic, assembly, and clamping elements expands its applications beyond contour and surface metrology, extending to tactile, optical, and computer tomographic measuring machines.

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