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iQ-Vision Handles Demanding Inline Measurement and Inspection Tasks

Enigmasoft’s iQ-vision system software handles demanding inline measurement and inspection tasks through interactive learning and configuration of the application without need for programming knowledge. iQ-Vision’s innovative memory management system offers top performance even when analysing large data volumes and enables 3D inline inspection and evaluation of complex parts in the production cycle.

iQ-vision allows the creation of project-specific visualisations for automatic operation. Recorded 2D images, 3D scans and all inspection results can be integrated with statistical displays keeping an eye on product quality in real time. The supported multi-touch technology offers intuitive system operation. Results of individual partial measurements can be conveniently linked, calculated and passed on to subsequent measurement tasks by drag and dropping in the software Geo Module.

The ‘checklist’ element simplifies the management of individual partial inspection tasks. New tasks can be quickly added via the checklist without having to worry about calling up the new measurement task and linking the partial results; moreover, this function automatically archives measurement results in an SQL database. Password-protected expert mode allows for the creation, customisation and extension of inspection programmes, evaluations and procedures.

An extensive function library includes powerful 2D and 3D image processing methods. The following is an excerpt of available standard inspection tasks:

Global inspection tasks: Geometry and shape deviations | Measurement of flatness, warping, dimensions, volumes, distances, bores | Type and position recognition | Reading of 1D and 2D codes.

Extended casting-specific inspection tasks: Geometry and shape deviations on external surfaces due to casting defects, core defects, core offsets, core fractures, damage, excessive core parting line burrs | Inspection of component surfaces for damage, cavities, porosity, caking, penetrations, cracks, contamination | Inspection of openings and bores for occlusion, partial occlusion, dimension, spacing, porosity and contamination in bores using 360° objective or borescope.

Extended wheel-specific inspection tasks: Distortion measurement at the outer clamping edge, horn area and cap area | Inspection of pre-machining steps, e.g. sprue pin completely removed | Reading of cast-on barcodes | Determination of optimised initial clamping points | Type differentiation | Valve hole detection and determination of position and rotational orientation.

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