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Automating Aerospace Manufacturing Inspections

The aerospace manufacturing industry is known for its stringent quality requirements and precise manufacturing needs. This industry demands rapid, accurate data collection to produce components that meet the highest safety standards. Automating these processes is a task that has long been on the industry’s horizon, and with API Dynamic 9D LADAR, this future is now a reality.

The 9D LADAR system from API is a groundbreaking metrology tool that represents the fastest and most accurate non-contact measurement system in the world. When mounted on an Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV), this advanced tool can revolutionize the way tooling and assembly checks are carried out in aerospace manufacturing.

9D LADAR can be easily mounted onto an AGV using a vertical column to adjust its measurement height throughout the inspection process, allowing it to navigate autonomously around the manufacturing environment. This mobility level, combined with the LADAR’s impressive 25m range, allows for comprehensive and flexible coverage of the manufacturing floor. As the AGV move 9D LADAR into various positions, LADAR scans the environment using tooling balls for tie-in and capturing both dimensional and surface geometry data at an unprecedented scanning speed of 0.2 seconds/cm². Alternatively API’s i360 sensor and Radian Laser Tracker can be for a fully 6DoF solution.

This process of inspecting tooling and assembly lines is executed with the assistance of API’s patented multi-channel interferometry-based technology. The 9D LADAR system uses fast laser chirping to generate a wide spectrum for optical interference, achieving 100x higher sensitivity than traditional Laser Radar system. The result is a detailed point cloud data-set that provides micron-level resolution.

Benefits of 9D LADAR for Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturers can reap several benefits by implementing API’s 9D LADAR mounted on AGVs for their inspection needs including:

Increased Accuracy and Speed: 9D LADAR delivers unmatched accuracy with a specification of 25 μm + 6 μm/m (2 sigma) in 3D accuracy, ensuring precision even in the complex aerospace environment. This precision, combined with its high scanning speed, ensures that no detail is missed and measurements are completed in record time.

Automation and Efficiency: The automation enabled by using AGVs eliminates the need for manual inspection, thereby reducing human error and increasing efficiency. It also frees up skilled workers to focus on more complex tasks.

Seamless Integration: The 9D LADAR system can be integrated seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes, with the ability to use existing third-party metrology software for data reporting. This minimizes the learning curve and ensures a smooth transition.

Enhanced Productivity: By enabling rapid, precise, and automated inspections, the 9D LADAR system significantly increases measurement throughput and productivity. This leads to cost savings and improved overall performance.

In summary API’s Dynamic 9D LADAR mounted on an AGV has the potential to revolutionize inspection processes in aerospace manufacturing. With its unmatched speed, accuracy, and automation capabilities, it is set to be a game-changer in the quest for increased efficiency and productivity.

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