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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 29th January

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Mixed Reality Reinvents Portable 3D Metrology

Mixed reality display technologies are revolutionizing large-scale portable metrology tasks by providing localized visual guidance, measurement feedback, and access to inspection functionalities without burdening the hands of operators. The most recent PolyWorks mixed reality app comes equipped with robust tools for guiding 3D inspection, laser scanning, reviewing inspection results, and … read more

Moving Away From Big Data Towards Smart Data

It has been reported that around 90 per cent of data generated in a manufacturing plant typically doesn’t get used to build insights that can really help the business. While this is concerning, it’s not surprising since data is often siloed and unavailable to the people that could benefit from it most … read more

Quality Control of Turbine Blades in Automated Production Cell

Optical measuring machines offer advantages in the quality inspection of turbine blades. The Wenzel CORE High Speed Scanning Systems are being used in an automated production cell for the final quality control of turbine blades by Swiss company Starrag AG . The core requirements for the measuring machines are: high accuracy … read more

MetroFactory Offers 3D Quality Control Directly in Production

Opus Solutions Techniques (Opus ST), a French company specializing in metrology solutions development, has unveiled MetroFactory, an independent, robotizable solution designed for 3D production quality control. This solution integrates the Renishaw Equator Gauge with the Metrologic Metrolog X4 metrology software, representing a substantial advancement in quality control efficiency … read more

Machine Vision Solution Delivers IoT Business Intelligence by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

CGI has announced the launch of new computer vision solution, CGI Machine Vision, which uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform asset and infrastructure monitoring. The solution enables organisations across industries to improve processes, increase efficiencies and reduce costs by generating business intelligence not previously possible through traditional monitoring solutions … read more

When In-Process Metrology Brings So Much To Advanced Manufacturing – Why is Adoption Not More Widely Accepted

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. In-process metrology, a technology that allows for real-time measurement and analysis during the manufacturing process, has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance quality control and productivity. However, despite its potential benefits, in-process metrology has not been … read more

CT Measuring System Offers Greater Measurement Volume and Accuracy

Werth has extended the application range of its TomoScope S computed tomography series. The new TomoScope measurement systems S Plus have more than doubled the measuring volume of their predecessor, while retaining the same size. With unique specifications for the MPE E length deviation of (4 + L/75) µm … read more

Latest Streamline Metrology Automation Workflow Software Released

3D Infotech, a leader and category-creator for automating industrial metrology, has announced the latest release of Streamline Software, designed to rapidly deliver Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) and Universal Machine Learning (UML) solutions that automate quality control processes. Streamline Automation Software orchestrates hardware and software into a seamless inspection process … read more

Quality Inspection and Big Data

The main benefit of deploying AI for quality inspection is significant improvements in defect detection. However, the data generated and stored by inspection systems has the potential to deliver additional benefits, including major improvements in yield. This article explores the value of this data in greater depth … read more

RANGE 2 Upgraded Scanner Launched

Revopoint 3D, a supplier of 3D scanning technology, has just launched the next generation of its large object 3D scanner.  The latest iteration of the RANGE 3D scanners, the RANGE 2, updates and improves on the original model in almost every way. Offering fast and accurate large object scanning capabilities … read more

High Density Scanning Precision Introduced For Matterport 3D Lidar Camera

Matterport has announced new high density scanning capabilities for its revolutionary 3D lidar camera, Pro3. Available now in beta, high density scanning makes as-built modeling with Matterport even easier, helping streamline workflows, minimize errors, and accelerate project timelines. This continues to widen Matterport’s lead … read more

Inline Weld Inspection System Adds Rework Guidance To Boost Productivity

SmartRay, a world leader in weld inspection technology, has released a new solution drawing on its industry-leading JOSY system to improve the rework process for welders. JOSY is SmartRay’s cutting-edge inline weld inspection system. It combines first-class sensors with highly flexible, scalable software in a turnkey solution … read more

European Manufacturers Building Smarter Factories

European companies are revamping their manufacturing processes by adopting automation and AI capabilities that make factories smarter and more sustainable, according to a new research report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm … read more

All-In-One AI Cobot Series With Smart Vision Launched

In a significant leap forward for collaborative robotics, Techman Robot recently announced the launch of its TM AI Cobot series. As a fusion of a highly precise robot arm, an AI inferencing engine, and an advanced smart vision system, the AI Cobot series is an all-encompassing package that’s poised to accelerate the advent of I4.0 … read more