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All-In-One AI Cobot Series With Smart Vision Launched

In a significant leap forward for collaborative robotics, Techman Robot recently announced the launch of its TM AI Cobot series. As a fusion of a highly precise robot arm, an AI inferencing engine, and an advanced smart vision system, the AI Cobot series is an all-encompassing package that’s poised to accelerate the advent of Industry 4.0 in factories worldwide.

The TM AI Cobot operates on the core principles of intelligence, simplicity, and safety. It integrates visual processing directly into the robot arm, granting it the capability to execute tasks such as pick and place, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) operations, palletizing, welding, and product manufacturing with rapidity and precision. The cobot’s AI-Vision expedites an array of applications including Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

Techman Robot’s revolutionary cobot features a 25kg payload and is a standout addition to their S Series. It redefines industry standards with its best-in-class payload, reach, and flexibility. The S Series, particularly the TM25S model, boasts the highest payload capacity in its class at 25kg. With an impressive reach exceeding 190cm, the TM25S provides unparalleled adaptability, catering to diverse industrial needs.

Innovative Vision System and AI Technology

A defining feature of the S Series is the integration of a built-in vision system coupled with cutting-edge AI technology. This powerful combination ensures that the cobot operates with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. It seamlessly fits into existing workflows, enhancing productivity in operations from machine tooling to automobile assembly.

The TM Robot can be equipped with a variety of lenses and 36 external cameras, optimizing their Automated Optical Inspection system with AI-driven solutions. The TM AI Cobot refines pick and place applications and eliminates the need for third-party cameras, thanks to its integrated smart vision. The use of ‘TM Landmark’ further streamlines programming across different stations, showcasing Techman Robot’s commitment to smart, efficient manufacturing solutions in the automotive industry.

“Techman Robot has redefined the future of industry robotics with the introduction of its AI Cobot series that are equipped with a native AI engine, powerful and precise robotic arm and vision system that represents a perfect combination of ‘brain, hands and eyes’. With our all-in-one integrated system and supporting software suite, we lead the industry with ease of integration, accelerating productivity while reinforcing quality, and opening new opportunities” stated Techman Robot President Shi-chi Ho.

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