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MetroFactory Offers 3D Quality Control Directly in Production

Opus Solutions Techniques (Opus ST), a French company specializing in metrology solutions development, has unveiled MetroFactory, an independent, robotizable solution designed for 3D production quality control. This solution integrates the Renishaw Equator Gauge with the Metrologic Metrolog X4 metrology software, representing a substantial advancement in quality control efficiency.

MetroFactory enhances productivity by eliminating downtime and streamlining coordination challenges between production and quality departments. Aligned with the increasing demands of Industry 4.0, MetroFactory delivers a scalable 3D metrology solution directly within production, and offering the potential for complete automation.

Nicolas Da Costa, metrology expert and Opus ST CEO, highlights the culmination of three years of investment and research and emphasizes that MetroFactory not only addresses the growing need in Industry 4.0 for integrated 3D control but also prioritizes user-friendly operation and unparalleled measuring productivity. Nicolas Da Costa expresses pride in contributing to this innovative solution, making quality control more efficient, seamless, and easily integrated and controlled within the production process.

The Renishaw Equator system, known for its flexibility in providing speed and repeatability for manual or automated part-loading applications, plays a crucial role in MetroFactory. This high-speed comparative gauge, with its patented cost-effective design, unique construction, and operational method, offers an effective solution for inspecting medium to high-volume manufactured parts. The Equator system’s adaptability to various applications and manufacturing processes is further enhanced by sensor hardware and accessory options for both manual and automated operations.

Renishaw’s Equator gauging systems represent an innovative and highly repeatable technology, employing the traditional comparison of production parts to a reference master part. The system’s swift re-mastering capability compensates for any changes in the thermal conditions of the shop-floor environment, ensuring reliable performance even in factories with significant temperature variations.

The integration of Metrolog X4 with the Renishaw Equator, announced in March 2023 by Renishaw and Metrologic, is positioned to significantly enhance measurement speed and value-added capabilities for process control during manufacture and traditional quality assurance activities.

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