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Revopoint 3D Launches RANGE 2 Upgraded Scanner

Revopoint 3D, a supplier of 3D scanning technology, has just launched the next generation of its large object 3D scanner.  The latest iteration of the RANGE 3D scanners, the RANGE 2, updates and improves on the original model in almost every way.

Offering fast and accurate large object scanning capabilities at an affordable price for performing reverse engineering, quality control, automobile modification, rapid prototyping, and many additional applications.

The updated Revopoint RANGE 2’s hardware offers improved large object scanning with its 60% larger maximum single capture range of 860 x 1380 mm at 1,300 mm and fast 16 fps scanning speeds providing rapid data capture.

RANGE 2’s 0.1 mm single-frame precision and 0.1 mm point distance creates detailed, accurate 3D models ready to be imported into CAD or 3D modeling software for various applications. While its improved RGB Camera, supported by 4 Flash LEDs, provides richly detailed color scans suitable for aiding rapid asset creation.

Its compatibility with Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices and powerful free scanning and editing software offer seamless workflow integration and enable RANGE 2 to be a convenient on-the-go scanning tool.

Usability is also improved with the addition of Wi-Fi 6 for lower latency mobile scans and a USB Type-C port for faster-wired connections. Improved tracking of marker points and easier calibrations from RANGE 2’s 4 infrared LED fill lights increase the marker points’ visibility.

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