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INSPECTIS Optical BGA Inspection Systems Now Offers Higher Magnification

INSPECTIS has announced that its popular BGA inspection systems can now be supplied with optional new XM lenses that offer up to 285x screen magnification, compared to the original standard lens with 200x. The INSPECTIS BGA lens package consists of a lens (standard or XM) plus a probe tip (standard or small).

The new XM higher power lens is compatible with both the Standard and the Small probe tip, which features a 27% smaller footprint.

INSPECTIS designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including world leading 4K resolution devices for the inspection of microelectronics and medical devices. INSPECTIS offers plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly.  Inspectis offers a wide range of packages/sets covering basic or advanced inspection requirements.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “This unique side-view BGA Inspection system features the tiniest and most robust optical probe available, with built-in high power lighting and a crisp, sharp high-resolution 90-degree viewing angle. Plus, we have recently made mechanical improvements to various aspects of the BGA camera stand, based on customer feedback that makes the platform more stable, and improves the mechanism that reduces the risk of prism

The many advanced features in this system, complementing one another, make our BGA inspection system the most powerful and unique in its class, he added. The INSPECTIS BGA Inspection System is available in 2 system levels, Basics and ProX which includes
powerful INSPECTIS BGA Inspection, analysis and documentation software.

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