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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 27th May

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

The Transformative Impact of AI on Quality Control

Eleven Dynamics AG, is pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the realm of quality control. While AI’s application in highly precise dimensional metrology remains nascent, its influence in enhancing visual inspection processes is undeniable. AI technologies are revolutionizing traditional quality control methods … read more

Synergizing Big Data With Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Big Data and closed-loop manufacturing are two complementary concepts that seamlessly integrate to enhance operational efficiency, quality control, and sustainability within manufacturing processes. How do these two concepts merge in the digital transformation of manufacturing? Big Data refers to the vast volume of data … read more

Revolutionizing Visual Quality Control With Advanced Augmented Reality and AI

CDMVision, a trendsetter in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, has announced the launch of SuPAR AI, a state-of-the-art augmented reality visual inspection software designed for widespread use across many different industries. SuPAR AI is set to transform traditional visual quality control processes … read more

Acoustic Inspection Technology Startup Secures Funding To Revolutionize Quality Control

RESONIKS has recently closed a seed funding round. Combined with European public funding, the industrial AI-powered startup has successfully closes this round with a total investment of 2.65 million euros.  RESONIKS unlocks a new level of precision in quality control with acoustic inspection technology … read more

Computer Tomography Use In Plastic Gear Metrology Evaluation

Industrial computed tomography (CT) has been firmly established in dimensional metrology for several years now. It is often the only way to check the geometric tolerance of components, particularly when determining complex geometries that are not accessible by other optical or tactile methods. A major advantage of the technology is … read more

Measuring Vibrations of Small Components & Microstructures

The MSA-060 Micro System Analyzer from Polytec enables a non-contact and extremely precise investigation of the vibration behavior of MEMS and microsystems as well as a detailed analysis of the component dynamics of precision mechanical components and the reliability of electronics … read more

Metrology System Delivers ‘nano’ Sub-Micron Inspection of Smaller Gears

Based on the success of the 300GMS nano platform, Gleason has announced it has expanded its nano series with the introduction of the 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System. The 175GMS nano picks up where the very popular 175GMS leaves off … read more

University To Lead Manufacturing Project With New Metrology Hub

The UK’s University of Huddersfield is to lead a £13.3 million ($16.6 million) project to help advance sustainable manufacturing, building directly upon the success of its Future Metrology Hub. The UKRI Engineering and EPSRC has announced funding of £11m towards the new advanced manufacturing hub … read more

NIST Explores AI-Enhanced Monitoring in Manufacturing Processes

American manufacturing is associated with high-quality standards meant to ensure both the reliability and longevity of the products produced. Manufacturers across all industries are looking for technological solutions and enhancements to continue to meet these high-bar standards and to maintain their competitive advantage … read more

AI-Assisted Solution Inspects Implant Coatings Automatically

Smith+Nephew is a London-based medical technology group specializing in bone and tissue reconstruction, wound healing and joint replacement. At the site in Aarau, Switzerland, hip shaft prostheses are coated, among other things. An AI-supported software solution in combination with the ZEISS Axio Imager Z2m light microscope is used … read more

Sight Machine For Siemens Industrial Edge Brings Manufacturing AI to Factory Automation Systems

Sight Machine Inc. and Siemens AG recently announced a partnership bringing manufacturing AI to on-premises automation networks. Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform is an end-to-end software system for collecting, contextualizing, and analyzing all types of manufacturing data to improve production … read more

8tree Increases Aerospace Footprint With dentCHECK Used In Boeing 787 Production

In collaboration with Boeing, 8tree’s dentCHECK tool, initially developed for and heavily used within the MRO sector for dent-mapping, was adapted by Boeing for use as an initial inspection tool.  Boeing uses the dentCHECK tool to check the 787 fuselage skin for nearly microscopic anomalies in flatness … read more

Renishaw Invests In New Facilities In Brazil and India

As part of its commitment to servicing its growing customer base in South America, Renishaw has opened a new, sustainable facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new multipurpose facility, formally opened in March 2024, features an industrial metrology showroom, areas that support additive manufacturing systems … read more

Closed-Loop Feedback For Hexagon In-Line Inspection

Flexxbotics has announced advanced robotic machine tending in-line inspection connectivity compatible with the full line-up of Hexagon inspection equipment. Now, companies can enable robot-driven manufacturing with Flexxbotics using Hexagon to achieve precision quality with six sigma consistency and faster cycle-times … read more