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Sight Machine For Siemens Industrial Edge Brings Manufacturing AI to Factory Automation Systems

Sight Machine Inc. and Siemens AG recently announced a partnership bringing manufacturing AI to on-premises automation networks. Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform is an end-to-end software system for collecting, contextualizing, and analyzing all types of manufacturing data to improve production. It enables manufacturers to unlock the power of industrial data to increase profitability, productivity, and sustainability.

Siemens Industrial Edge is an edge computing platform consisting of applications, OT and IT connectivity, devices, and a central management system. It enables users to centrally manage connected devices and software across machines, lines, and plants to easily and securely deploy applications at scale. Industrial Edge enables improved shop-floor productivity, improved data efficiency, reduced data latency, enhanced data privacy and security, and ultimately, better business decision-making.

Software-Defined Automation and Closed-Loop Systems

Bringing Sight Machine’s advanced data models and analytics into on-premises systems opens the opportunity for software-defined automation and closed-loop systems. Sight Machine’s software analyzes the entire history of production runs to determine the best settings for the current conditions. These Dynamic Recipes are available to guide operators to integrate with control systems for automated optimization. Sight Machine is now a certified Industrial Edge Solution Partner of Siemens Digital Industries Factory Automation.

“By making Sight Machine available on Siemens Industrial Edge, we’re giving customers a path to deploy AI for manufacturing on edge environments and automation networks,” said Sight Machine CEO and Co- Founder Jon Sobel. “This partnership with Siemens, a globally trusted name in automation, allows for accelerated deployments, communications with a larger range of devices, and a path to build systems using AI models for closed-loop feedback.”

“Partnering with Sight Machine further expands the Edge ecosystem, delivering process optimization capabilities critical for manufacturers to ensure plants stay competitive. Agility and efficiency are becoming more important for manufacturers each year, while solutions must allow plants to scale operations effectively without excessive costs,” explained Bernd Raithel, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Siemens Factory Automation. “Sight Machine’s software delivers powerful capabilities while ensuring the solution can be replicated and scaled across existing operations and for new deployments.”

For manufacturers building hybrid edge-cloud systems, Sight Machine on Siemens Industrial Edge enables easy integration of AI-ready data from the factory floor and traditional IT data stacks for improved business and production decisions.

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