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Acoustic Inspection Technology Startup Secures Funding To Revolutionize Quality Control

RESONIKS  has recently closed a seed funding round; lead investor Kvanted is joined by Faber and EIT Manufacturing. Combined with European public funding, the industrial AI-powered startup has successfully closes this round with a total investment of 2.65 million euros. 

RESONIKS unlocks a new level of precision in quality control with its state-of-the-art acoustic inspection technology. Seamlessly detect material stress and tension with our AI-driven modal analysis. The RESONIKS AI doesn’t just detect defects; it hears them. Just as one can tell a guitar string is out of tune, the system discerns the slightest irregularities in material stress and tension.

In the epoch of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, stringent quality control isn’t merely an option; it’s an imperative mandate. Leveraging the unifying power of acoustics and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, RESONIKS aim to revolutionize quality control in diverse manufacturing sectors, providing a robust, scalable solution that effortlessly integrates into current systems and adapts to unique processes.

Stand-Alone System

The system is a breeze to set up: simply position anywhere from one to thirty sensors around a metal part—small or large—for full coverage. users can choose to have the pingers tap sequentially or all at once, while every microphone listens to the acoustic reaction. Adjust the pinging strength and speed to suit the part, ensuring the best quality check. All managed through a user-friendly touchscreen. Simply place the part inside the testbench, and the system takes over, making quality control easier and more reliable for the operator.

Inline System

Customers can harness the full potential of the in-line system, adding enhanced features for comprehensive end-of-line integration. An industrial PC ensures the algorithm runs seamlessly on-site. Designed for versatility, it supports any industrial field bus or communication protocol. It effortlessly connects with IT ecosystems, including cloud services and enterprise applications, such as ERP, MES, and CAQ systems.

Embedded at the end of a manufacturing line, it operates autonomously, eliminating the need for operator intervention freeing up a skilled workforce to focus on more critical tasks to elevate productivity.

Deep tech investor Faber sees RESONIKS as a perfect alignment with their investment ethos. “RESONIKS represents a prime example of our commitment to fostering impactful solutions in large industries through innovative deep tech”, said Carlos Silva, partner at Faber. He further noted, “RESONIKS’ AI-powered acoustic solution for quality control in the manufacturing industry actively translates this focus into action”. The backing of Faber brings substantial credibility to RESONIKS due to their significant track record leading early stage investments in deep tech startups.  

RESONIKS has also found a vital partner with EIT Manufacturing thanks to their network approach: bringing together startups and top-tier industrial partners to accelerate sustainable innovation in Europe. EIT Manufacturing is co-funded by the European Union and will actively support RESONIKS with their access to new markets and customers services.

“We look forward to actively supporting RESONIKS on this exciting journey of growth and innovation, and their mission to revolutionise quality control processes in the manufacturing sector. Our partnership with RESONIKS is in line with our commitment to fostering sustainable innovation and strengthening resilience in Europe’s manufacturing industry” said, Kevin Lenehan, Director of Investments, EIT Manufacturing.
The fast-growing team has already demonstrated their outstanding ability to implement RESONIKS’ solutions, tailored to existing customers’ manufacturing operations. RESONIKS’ solution is deployed across multiple factories in Europe, with a focus on Germany. In addition, the startup is set to launch their second product series in May 2024, adding a fully integrated In-Line system to their product portfolio.
“We are thrilled by the overwhelming support received during this seed funding round,” said Felix Wassmann, RESONIKS CEO. “The confidence our investors have expressed in our company, coupled with our expanding team and growing customer base, paves our way to make manual quality inspection a thing of the past.” 

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