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Revolutionizing Visual Quality Control With Advanced Augmented Reality and AI

CDMVision, a trendsetter in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, has announced the launch of SuPAR AI, a state-of-the-art augmented reality visual inspection software designed for widespread use across many different industries. SuPAR AI is set to transform traditional visual quality control processes with its innovative AI-driven modules and AR technology.

SuPAR AI leverages deep learning to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of manufacturing processes. With various specialized modules, SuPAR AI offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique inspection needs of diverse production lines.

Designed with ever increasing demand and workload of manufacturing in mind, SuPAR AI’s plug & play architecture allows the user to choose among many automated visual inspection models.

One available module is the hole detection module, which identifies any discrepancies in holes drilled into parts. This module compares actual parts against their 3D CAD data to ensure that all holes are drilled to designed position boosting the integrity of the production process.

SuPAR AI also includes a spot welding detection module, which is critical for assessing the quality and integrity of spot welds in manufacturing. This module uses high performance low impact deep learning networks to evaluate the positioning of spot welds, ensuring that they meet quality standards and tolerances.

Additionally, SuPAR AI features a module dedicated to stud inspection, verifying the presence and correct installation of all studs in manufactured parts. This critical check ensures that each part is ready for subsequent assembly stages, thereby reducing errors and increasing assembly line efficiency.

SuPAR AI not only improves the reliability and accuracy of inspections but also allows for the inspection of more parts in less time. This scalability is crucial for meeting high production demands without compromising on quality across various industries.

By integrating SuPAR AI into their quality control processes, manufacturers can achieve an optimal balance of user involvement and AI model limitations. This approach helps reduce the time and expertise required for inspections while increasing accuracy. Consequently, more inspections can be conducted at lower costs, enhancing productivity and efficiency in many sectors.

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