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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 19th February

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Latest Video Borescope Utilizes AI and Voice Control

Waygate Technologies has introduced Everest Mentor Visual iQ+, the latest version of the highly successful Everest Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe. Utilizing advanced analytics for novel inspection approaches, the new state-of-the-art flagship video borescope … read more

AI Integration – CNC Production Fit For Industry 4.0

In cooperation with the research institute of UNI Hannover, the ProKI-Hannover Demonstration and Transfer Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Production, AI is now making its way into mechanical production and metal processing at Müller … read more

Manufacturing Quality Cannot Be Manufactured But Must Be Integral In The Manufacturing Process

In the realm of manufacturing, the pursuit of quality is an ever-present challenge. Companies invest substantial resources in technologies, processes, and systems to ensure the production of high-quality goods. However, there exists a fundamental truth that often eludes many – manufacturing quality cannot be manufactured … read more

Expanding the Boundaries of Machine Vision – Seeing Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Machine vision revolutionized various industries by enabling advanced automation and quality control processes. As technology continues to evolve, machine vision is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, particularly by exploring the invisible realms of the electromagnetic spectrum … read more

Siemens Factory Automation Acquires Inspekto Machine Vision

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft has acquired Inspekto, an AI-enabled machine vision software company headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. Inspekto enables manufacturers, of any scale and profile, to stay competitive by automating visual inspection without vision experts and intensive production data. Inspekto will become part of Digital Industries, business unit Factory Automation … read more

Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions Acquires NDT X-ray Equipment Provider

Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of non-destructive testing and inspection systems, has announced the acquisition of Willick Engineering Co, Inc, a supplier of non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray equipment and provider of related services to the military, aerospace, and medical device sectors … read more

Intelligent Toolholder Provides Transparent Data Acquisition For Process Monitoring

The machining industry is currently facing difficult challenges. High productivity with low production costs and high factory quality are essential prerequisites for sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. In addition, digitization is considered the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry … read more

Flexxbotics Compatibility With Hexagon Inspection Equipment Provides Autonomous Process Control

Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, presented robot connectivity compatible with the entire range of Hexagon inspection products at the recent Hexagon Sixth Sense Summit. Flexxbotics’ FlexxCORE technology enables robots to connect and communicate with Hexagon machines … read more

Thermal Condition Monitoring Key In Reducing Unscheduled Downtime

Product quality is high on the priority list of any reputable manufacturer. Whether your business manufactures finished articles or components for other business to incorporate into their products, the risks are the same: If your production equipment fails, your business quickly transitions from a profitable organization … read more

Machine Monitoring Delivers Advanced Analytics For Smart Manufacturing

In a significant leap towards enhancing manufacturing efficiency, eNET Machine Monitoring has recently incorporated Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop software into its latest monitoring reporting and data analytics software, eNET Client. This industry-first automated strategic integration allows users to harness the power of Power BI’s advanced analytics and visualization capabilities seamlessly … read more

RadarImager Makes The Invisible Visible For Enhanced Quality Monitoring

Quality assurance is a decisive factor for many companies. They are faced with the challenge of testing products efficiently, automatically and without damage to their quality. Manufacturing companies need to ensure product quality to achieve maximum output. This is precisely where Balluff’s RadarImager comes in … read more

Partnership To Deliver Combined Offering For Advanced Robotic Machine Tending

Vention, the company behind the cloud-based Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), and Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, have announced the availability of a combined offering for robotic workcell digitalization in next generation machining environments … read more

Affordable Standard CMM Range Gains Additional Accuracy

Manufacturers wishing to inspect components machined to tight tolerances, but unwilling to invest in an expensive, ultra-high-accuracy CMM, now have the option of selecting an ALTERA C HA (high accuracy) from LK Metrology available in five sizes … read more

GelSight and Hexagon Sign Global Partnership Agreement

GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, has announced a global partnership agreement with Hexagon, a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software, and autonomous technologies. The partnership will enable the companies’ respective teams to promote and sell GelSight’s tactile sensing products, as well as future integrated products … read more