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Intelligent Toolholder Provides Transparent Data Acquisition For Process Monitoring

The machining industry is currently facing difficult challenges. High productivity with low production costs and high factory quality are essential prerequisites for sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. In addition, digitization is considered the biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry. However, it also offers companies the opportunity to make processes more precise, reliable and faster. With intelligent solutions and components, SCHUNK, one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to equipping modern manufacturing plants and robot systems, now wants to contribute even more to maximum process stability and thus lay the foundation for a digital future in industry.

With the SCHUNK  iTENDO2, it is now been possible to combine the outstanding properties of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with the possibilities of digital process monitoring in a toolholder. Looking at the process from the point of cutting, the iTENDO2 intelligent toolholder is the first non-wear part that is ‘closest-to-the-part’ and thus predestined for signal acquisition.

Getting started with transparent data acquisition with the iTENDO2 is said to be amazingly simple. Simply connect the tool holder to the pad with a click and the iTENDO2 can capture irregularities and help users work more efficiently in various machining processes. On the tablet, the process can be tracked in real time, recorded and started by defining the limit values in the parameters for automatic recording.

The iTENDO² detects when something is wrong with the cutting process. For example, if excessive vibrations occur, if there are chatter marks, or if a tool is on the verge of breaking. Equipped with a sensor, a battery, and a transmitter unit, the smart toolholder monitors vibrations at the tool. If the condition of the cutting edge or the tool changes, it can react in real time due to the closed control loop, thereby preventing damage to the workpiece or tool.

Its predecessor iTENDO already excelled in several fields of application when it came to classic milling and beyond. The iTENDO² is now opening doors to even more possibilities. With its increased speed of maximum 30,000 RPM, there are extensive application possibilities in the aerospace industry, glass processing, the automotive industry and medical technology. It also demonstrates its capabilities on demanding series operations. Due to its optimized installation space, it can replace standard toolholders one-to-one. That eliminates the need to reprogram the machine. Its interfering contour remains unchanged as compared to standard toolholders.

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