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Siemens Acquires Inspekto Machine Vision Company

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft has acquired Inspekto, an AI-enabled machine vision software company headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. Inspekto enables manufacturers, of any scale and profile, to stay competitive by automating visual inspection without vision experts and intensive production data.

Inspekto will become part of Digital Industries, business unit Factory Automation having its headquarter in Nuremberg, Germany. Factory Automation is an industrial automation provider driving the digital transformation forward with its customers.

Siemens will leverage the Inspekto AI-enabled machine vision potential with its global presence and deep digital industrial knowledge and thus ensure technological benefits for all its customers.

Inspekto’s innovative AI technology and capabilities are a valuable addition to the Siemens industrial AI software portfolio. The main use case is easy-to-use automated visual quality inspection based on image processing.

Now, under the roof of Siemens, Inspekto will continue being a reliable partner on a common path to ensure quality in production continuing to trade as a separate company.

in 2023 Inspekto announced it had solved the problem of inspecting highly reflective moving parts by leveraging several new developments to create a unique, patent-pending AR technology. The first being its Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI) technology, containing three AI-based engines working in tandem. The first of the three engines is the Acquisition AI engine, a unique AI technology created to dynamically adapt the parameters of an electro-optics system to a specific use-case, in real time. The second engine recognises the part to be inspected, while the third determines whether it is good or defected by comparing it to the characteristics of a perfect part, memorised during the initial set up process.

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