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5G Edge Computing Industrial IoT Solution Purpose-Built for Industry 4.0 Launched

Digi International has announced the market launch of Digi IX40, a 5G edge computing industrial IoT cellular router solution. Digi IX40 is purpose-built for Industry 4.0 use cases such as advanced robotics, predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, industrial automation and smart manufacturing. Fully integrated with Digi Remote Manager, this solution’s capabilities improve security and scalability while ensuring speed, reliability and efficiency.

The Digi IX40 cellular solution supports 5G connectivity and edge intelligence, allowing enterprises to seamlessly connect multiple machines (wired or wireless) in the most demanding environments, optimizing the integration of cloud-delivered operational technology (OT) services with information technology (IT) to enable network-wide visibility, monitoring and control. Its all-in-one design, powerful computing capabilities and integrated memory also promote real-time data processing, remote monitoring and precision analytics which are highly important for critical applications in industrial automation, utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas and digital signage.

“For businesses today — especially those leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies — edge computing is a must-have, providing the compute power and real-time data processing for the most data intensive applications,” said Vitaly Kurduban, Senior Product Manager of industrial cellular solutions at Digi. “Digi is a long-standing leader in industrial cellular technology. The new Digi IX40 solution helps our customers quickly and cost-effectively take advantage of intelligence at the edge. This helps them make optimal use of the power and speed of edge computing to enable real-time processing, faster insights, enhanced security and reduced latency. These are some of the key requirements of Industry 4.0 applications.”

Digi IX40 easily integrates Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) for rapid configuration, automated security monitoring and simplified management. Digi RM — the cloud-based command center for IoT deployments — gives businesses critical insights into their network operations for more data-driven decisions. Likewise, Digi RM supports secure terminal access for out-of-band management of edge devices via serial ports and a command-line interface.

“Digi IX40 is a game changer for Industry 4.0,” said Kurduban. “The combination of 5G bandwidth and edge computing makes it possible to process data at the edge before transmitting it to the cloud, which provides cost benefits and real-time response. The higher data rates of 5G enable faster downloads and uploads for data-intensive applications. By providing solutions that combine 5G speed and low latency with reliable wireless connectivity and edge intelligence, we are enabling organizations to deploy applications that require instant interactions, such as autonomous vehicles in manufacturing facilities. Simply put, Digi IX40 empowers enterprises to explore a world of new opportunities.”

Unlike competitors, Digi IX40 is priced reasonably for its advanced features and customized services. “We have packed this solution with powerful computing and edge intelligence, while making it affordable,” said Kurduban. “And Digi IX40 can grow in scale and functionality to meet your needs, with Digi Remote Manager enabling rapid configuration and deployment of additional devices and Digi value added services providing additional capabilities to augment your solution.”

Edge Computing with Digi Containers

Edge Computing can be defined simply as data processing that takes place at the ‘edge’ of the network, that is, in close physical proximity to the machines and processes that IoT devices are monitoring or controlling.

Digi Containers, a Digi value-added service, augments the Digi IX40 solution to facilitate cost-effective applications via lightweight Linux containers, giving businesses additional flexibility and scalability for their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Digi is proud to provide not only a Digi Containers solution for customers who want to run their own custom applications or binaries on Digi IX40, but we also provide vetted access to software from leaders in the Industry 4.0, Networking 2.0, and industrial protocol services.

Ultra-fast, ultra reliable networking for the Industry of tomorrow

Digi WAN bonding, an add-on service available through Digi Remote Manager, provides ultra-fast, ultra-reliable network connectivity. Digi WAN Bonding enables users to centrally set up, deploy, and manage the bonding of multiple WAN Internet connections together on Digi IX40 for a combination of increased throughput speeds, WAN smoothing, packet redundancy, and seamless failover for always-on Internet connectivity. Digi WAN Bonding can scale to hundreds or thousands of sites to ensure you are getting the most robust connectivity for your entire fleet or network that is always ready, always online.

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