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Partnership To Deliver Combined Offering For Advanced Robotic Machine Tending

Vention, the company behind the cloud-based Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), and Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, have announced a partnership and the immediate availability of a combined offering for robotic workcell digitalization in next generation machining environments.

Customers can benefit from the combination of Flexxbotics’ advanced robot machine tending solution with Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform offering. Customers will utilize Vention’s cloud-robotic tools and proven modular automation hardware to design tailored machine tending robot cells, and then, take advantage of Flexxbotics’ powerful machine tending SaaS/hybrid solution and expert professional services for seamless deployment and continuous operation to achieve ‘lights out’ manufacturing.

Vention broaden the accessibility of industrial automation for manufacturing professionals through a single digital environment. Combining 3D design, code-free industrial programming, and a library of 4,000+ modular automation components where users can navigate through the design, automate, deploy, and operate stages of creating automated equipment all within a game-changing platform. Through its simplicity, Vention empowers all manufacturing professionals, from automation beginners to advanced integrators, to design and procure efficiently and profitably the automation for each workcells’ unique machine tending requirements across the factory floor. Then, Flexxbotics professionals deploy and optimize the Vention designed robotic systems along with the Flexxbotics solution for advanced robot machine tending.

Workcell Digitalization Delivers Closed-Loop Quality Control

Flexxbotics workcell digitalization is important to the success of the smart factory, turning conventional robotic machine tending into robot-driven manufacturing with autonomous process control. With Flexxbotics, the robots are connected and communicate directly with the CNC machinery and the inspection equipment in the workcell for closed-loop quality control of precision machined parts. Utilizing inspection results, Flexxbotics directs the robot to make necessary adjustments to the CNC’s program to account for tool wear and other variables. This ensures that the production of each part aligns consistently with specifications, guaranteeing the highest quality, capacity, and profit per part while maintaining tolerance levels.

“Vention’s mission to democratize industrial automation addresses the manufacturing world’s toughest challenges. With production reshoring, labor shortage, and salary inflation, companies are looking for breakthrough solutions to automate their shop floor,” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Co-founder of Vention. “Through this partnership, manufacturers now have access to a complete, turnkey offering, leveraging Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform, and Flexxbotics advanced machine tending solution, along with, their knowledge and expertise in deploying complex workcells.”

“We are excited to partner with Vention to deliver custom designs for robotic workcell digitalization. We understand the necessity for the fleets of robots in the smart factory to connect, communicate, and work interactively with the CNC machinery and inspection equipment to provide the closed-loop coordination necessary for autonomous process control,” said Tyler Bouchard, CEO and Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “We make robots go far beyond simply working with the machinery, the robots command and control the machines to optimize production, enabling greater throughput and ‘lights-out’ manufacturing.”

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