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Flexxbotics Compatibility With Hexagon Inspection Equipment Provides Autonomous Process Control

Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, presented robot connectivity compatible with the entire range of Hexagon inspection products at the recent Hexagon Sixth Sense Summit conducted at the CodeNode innovation center in London.

Flexxbotics’ patent-pending FlexxCORE technology enables the robots to securely connect and communicate with Hexagon machines to provide closed-loop feedback and real-time updates to the inspection equipment for autonomous process control. With Flexxbotics manufacturers can enable advanced robotic machine tending with CNC machinery and Hexagon inspection technology to achieve six sigma quality for increased yields with improved margins.

Hexagon provides a wide range of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) for high precision measuring tasks, as well as, laser scanners, laser tool setters, infrared probing systems, radio wave-probing systems and production probe systems. Flexxbotics compatibility includes Hexagon’s PC-DMIS CMM for bridge and gantry CMMs, NC measuring software, the full Q-DAS product line for Statistical Process Control (SPS), and Intelligent Machine Control (IMC).

Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the Smart Factory, delivering robot-driven manufacturing at scale with autonomous process control for advanced machining operations. Flexxbotics’ SaaS/hybrid architecture also runs both online and offline so production continues with or without internet access, and Flexxbotics works with existing business systems such as CAD/CAM, DNC, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM and others for enterprise-wide synchronization.

A full set of bidirectional communication, transform and routing capabilities are available in Flexxbotics for the robots and machinery that are connected including loading programs, sending instructions, updating parameters and status awareness depending on the equipment’s capabilities so the robots drive the Hexagon equipment along with the CNC machines in the smart factory.

“We believe that the inspection equipment in the smart factory effectively becomes the ‘eyes & ears’ of the robots running production in ‘lights out’ manufacturing,” said Tyler Bouchard, Co-founder & CEO of Flexxbotics. “By connecting Hexagon’s inspection capabilities to robots with Flexxbotics, global companies are able to achieve continuous operations through robot-driven manufacturing with autonomous process control.”

Flexxbotics was selected from hundreds of applicants across 27 countries by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division to join the elite Sixth Sense program. The initiative is designed to nurture high-growth companies within the manufacturing industry by supporting them with Hexagon’s extensive resources.

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