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Form Measurement of Cylinder Head Valve Seats in Just 4 Seconds

The Knaebel VSM dynamically measures the roundness of valve seats and the concentricity between the valve guide and seat. The manual gage uses mandrels armed with inductive built-in transducers. The VSM consists of a mandrel connected to a DC motor via a cardan coupling – a hollow shaft and a driving component. Due to its unique cardan coupling, the mandrel performs the measurement without operator influence and its use in align positions is also possible.

The VSM lays upon the valve seat and rotates 360 degrees. During the motion it scans the valve seat, as well as the upper diameter of the valve guide bore and evaluates roundness and concentricity by a MIN-MAX comparison. Cycle time is approximately four seconds. A combined version is available which measures intake and exhaust seat with one gage.

The VSM Valve Seat Inspection System is ideal for use in automotive, small engine, off-road vehicle, motorcycle, and diesel engine applications.

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