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February 2024 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

This month the Metrology News editorial focus highlighted the transformative influence of robotic inspection and machine vision technologies. As Industry 4.0 continues to reshape the manufacturing sector, the integration of cutting-edge automation tools has become indispensable in ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality control. In our editorial focus, we explored the escalating roles of robotic inspection and machine vision systems in driving innovation and elevating quality standards.

Robotic inspection, with its ability to perform repetitive and intricate tasks with unparalleled precision, has emerged as a game-changer in manufacturing processes. From assembly lines to quality assurance, robotic inspection systems are revolutionizing how products are designed, produced, and validated. The synergy between robotic inspection and machine vision is unraveling new dimensions in manufacturing excellence. Machine vision technology, equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence, enhances the ability to capture, analyze, and interpret visual information. This not only accelerates inspection processes but also augments decision-making capabilities, ultimately fostering a more agile and responsive manufacturing ecosystem.

This month’s featured articles included “The Increasing Role of Metrology Automation in Smart Manufacturing”, “The Increasing Role of Machine Vision in Robotic Automation Creating a Paradigm Shift in Improving Manufacturing Quality”, “The Power of Machine Vision and Real-Time Metrology Data Revolutionizing Manufacturing”, and “Meeting the Demands of Modern Quality Control With Robotic Assistance”. 

With generated measurement data having an increasing important role, in not only monitoring but controlling manufacturing, we also published the following related articles in February. “For Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing – Start With Data“,  “Unleashing the Full Potential of 3D Measurement Data Collaboration in Today’s Manufacturing Landscape”, and “Manufacturing Quality Cannot Be Manufactured But Must Be Integral In The Process”.

In February we witnessed the launch of several new products in the fields of computed tomography, optical 3D coordinate metrology and laser interferometry, as companies continue to advance industrial metrology technology. We also reported on several acquisitions as product portfolio’s and business strategies of companies continue to evolve.

You can access the full library of February Metrology News articles by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

The Increasing Role of Machine Vision in Robotic Automation Creating a Paradigm Shift in Improving Manufacturing Quality

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, the pursuit of higher quality and efficiency has led to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. One such transformative development is the growing prominence of machine vision in robotic automation. Machine vision, a field of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, empowers machines with the ability … Read More

Unleashing the Full Potential of 3D Measurement Data Collaboration in Today’s Manufacturing Landscape

In today’s swiftly evolving manufacturing landscape, each stage of product development yields a wealth of valuable data, often challenging to access and exploit. The digital management of data flow between systems and individuals is crucial for ensuring efficient workflows, fostering seamless collaboration, and enabling data-driven decision-making. Consider, for instance, the 3D … Read More

The Increasing Role of Metrology Automation in Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing, characterized by the integration of advanced technologies, data-driven decision-making, and automation, has been revolutionizing the industrial landscape. One critical component contributing to the efficiency and precision of smart manufacturing is metrology automation. Metrology plays a pivotal role in ensuring product quality, process control, and overall manufacturing excellence … Read More

Automotive Production Innovation Through Augmented Reality

How can manual reworking be optimized and seamlessly integrated into automated workflows? Augmented reality with dynamic laser and video projection offers an efficient solution and enables a 100% digital process chain. Many manufacturers are already using the technology in practice. Even though digitalization in the automotive industry is well advanced … Read More

Differentiating Between Tactile and Optical Measurement For Dimensional Inspection

Since the part quality requirements are always rising, the check of geometric dimensions including comprehensible documentation is essential in the manufacturing process nowadays. Before acquiring a new 3D measuring system, the fundamental question arises as to which technology is the most suitable for the corresponding measuring task … Read More

The Power of Machine Vision and Real-Time Metrology Data Revolutionizing Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. As industries continually seek innovative solutions to enhance processes, machine vision coupled with real-time data is emerging as a transformative force in metrology. This powerful combination not only redefines quality control but also reshapes how manufacturers measure, inspect … Read More

Meeting the Demands of Modern Quality Control With Robotic Assistance

Robots are nothing new in the manufacturing industry but still hold untapped potential. Many manufacturers understand the importance of automating production processes but rely on manual quality control systems. That needs to change. Quality checks are detail-oriented and highly repetitive, making them ideal use cases for automation. As demands for higher-quality … Read More

Integrated 3D Vision Cameras and AI Enhance Precise Surface Inspection

In the dynamic world of manufacturing and industrial processes, advancements in technology continually reshape the landscape. One such transformative integration is the combination of robotic automation and 3D vision cameras in surface finishing applications. This powerful synergy not only enhances efficiency but also opens up new frontiers in precision and quality … Read More

4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System Selected As Innovative System of the Year

Onto Innovation, and it’s Tucson subsidiary, 4D Technology, was announced as the winner of Fanuc America’s prestigious 2024 Innovative System of the Year award for their 4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System (AMS). The 2024 Innovative System of the Year Award highlights the innovative utilization of robotic automation and technology … Read More

Manufacturing Quality Cannot Be Manufactured But Must Be Integral In The Process

In the realm of manufacturing, the pursuit of quality is an ever-present challenge. Companies invest substantial resources in technologies, processes, and systems to ensure the production of high-quality goods. However, there exists a fundamental truth that often eludes many – manufacturing quality cannot be manufactured; instead, it must be integral to the entire production process … Read More

Expanding the Boundaries of Machine Vision – Seeing Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Machine vision revolutionized various industries by enabling advanced automation and quality control processes. As technology continues to evolve, machine vision is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, particularly by exploring the invisible realms of the electromagnetic spectrum. By harnessing the power of non-visible light, such as infrared and ultraviolet … Read More

RadarImager Makes The Invisible Visible For Enhanced Quality Monitoring

Quality assurance is a decisive factor for many companies. They are faced with the challenge of testing products efficiently, automatically and without damage to their quality. Manufacturing companies need to ensure product quality to achieve maximum output. This is precisely where Balluff’s RadarImager comes in. The industrial 3D imaging system, based on radar technology … Read More

For Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing – Start With Data

Artificial intelligence can monitor and improve production and quality control on factory floors. The key is focusing on data, not complex AI systems. The following article by Beth Stackpole was first published on the MIT Sloan website. The manufacturing sector has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, and artificial intelligence is no exception … Read More

New Scale Robotics Brings Automated Gauging to FANUC CRX Cobots

New Scale Robotics has announced a new partnership with FANUC Americas as an Authorized Systems Integrator (ASI). The new relationship expands the FANUC system’s capabilities by enabling the automation of manual gauging processes, helping manufacturers eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity. By automating tedious manual gauging tasks … Read More

Bruker Alicona Launches FocusX Optical Measuring System

Two years of research and development, close to 10,000 working hours and 13 prototypes. But the outcome was worth every effort. Bruker Alicona has presented its new addition to optical 3D measurement technology at a launch event. FocusX is more versatile than any other measuring device in its class … Read More

RX Solutions Unveils Advanced Compact X-Ray CT Scanner

RX Solutions, a rising authority in X-ray CT scanning, has announced the launch of the EasyTom-L, a major advancement in its EasyTom line of industrial computed tomography (CT) systems. This new CT scanner embodies the company’s ongoing commitment to technological excellence and offers superior performance, advanced features, and increased versatility … Read More

Zygo Announces New Qualifire Laser Interferometer Launch

Zygo Corporation has announced the release of its newest laser interferometer, Qualifire and joins an extensive array of top-end interferometer solutions.  This instrument is designed to support and enable the most demanding metrology applications in industries such as semiconductor, lithography, space-borne imaging systems, cutting-edge consumer electronics, and defense … Read More

Manufacturing 2050 – Glimpsing Crucial Role of Metrology

The landscape of manufacturing is on the brink of a profound transformation, driven by advancements in technology, automation, and the integration of smart systems. As we look ahead to the year 2050, the manufacturing sector is expected to undergo unprecedented changes, ushering in a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and innovation … Read More

BMW Transformation to E-Mobility Integrates Latest Metrology Automation Technology

A new era is dawning for BMW Group Plant Munich: from 2026, the iconic parent plant will produce the Neue Klasse sedan. Just one year later, the factory will manufacture nothing but all-electric models, making the Munich plant the first location in the BMW Group’s existing production network to have … Read More

TeamViewer Adopts AR Headsets Taking Remote Production Machinery Support From Desktop To Reality

The global leader in remote IT support TeamViewer has signalled its shift to augmented reality (AR) having struck a strategic partnership with AR startup Almer. The Almer Arc headset enables collaboration with remote individuals as if they were physically present and augmentation of the wearer’s environment with relevant information for pointing out objects … Read More

Empowering The Connected Worker – Revolutionizing Quality Control in Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, the concept of the connected worker is reshaping traditional manufacturing processes. This transformative shift is not only enhancing productivity and efficiency but is also revolutionizing the way quality control is approached. By empowering the connected worker with cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing enterprises are experiencing … Read More

Bruker Acquires Japanese Technology Leader in Research Raman Microscopy

Bruker Corporation has announced the acquisition of Nanophoton Corporation, a pioneer focused on advanced research Raman microscopy systems. Headquartered in Osaka, Nanophoton offers a broad portfolio of advanced Raman microscopes, serving academic and industrial research customers, primarily in Japan. This acquisition fills a gap in Bruker’s molecular microscopy portfolio … Read More

Siemens Factory Automation Acquires Inspekto Machine Vision

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft has acquired Inspekto, an AI-enabled machine vision software company headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. Inspekto enables manufacturers, of any scale and profile, to stay competitive by automating visual inspection without vision experts and intensive production data. Inspekto will become part of Digital Industries, business unit Factory Automation having its headquarter in Nuremberg, Germany … Read More

Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions Acquires NDT X-ray Equipment Provider

Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of non-destructive testing and inspection systems, has announced the acquisition of Willick Engineering Co, Inc, a supplier of nondestructive testing (NDT) X-ray equipment and provider of related services to the military, aerospace, and medical device sectors, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California … Read More



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