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Bruker Acquires Japanese Technology Leader in Research Raman Microscopy

Bruker Corporation has announced the acquisition of Nanophoton Corporation, a pioneer focused on advanced research Raman microscopy systems. Headquartered in Osaka, Nanophoton offers a broad portfolio of advanced Raman microscopes, serving academic and industrial research customers, primarily in Japan. This acquisition fills a gap in Bruker’s molecular microscopy portfolio, and Bruker is looking forward to offering fast, flexible and sensitive Nanophoton Raman microscopy systems worldwide for research and development in the advanced materials, semiconductors, polymers, life sciences and biopharma.

Nanophoton augments the molecular microscopy portfolio of the Bruker Optics division with a broad range of state-of-the-art Raman microscopy systems, which offer exceptional speed, sensitivity and spatial resolution, combined with user-friendly workflows designed for outstanding user experience. The applications include inspecting advanced semiconductor and nanomaterials, batteries, organic and liquid-crystal displays, nanocarbon materials, identifying organic components, mapping the distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients in tablets, and clinical research on disease patterns in tissues.

Professor Satoshi Kawata, the CEO founder of Nanophoton, commented: “We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary of Nanophoton and are delighted to open a new chapter in our history together with Bruker. Bruker is the ideal partner for Nanophoton to accelerate our growth, bring our unique Raman systems to customers worldwide and to develop unparalleled Raman imaging technologies together.”

Dr. Andreas Kamlowski, the President of the Bruker Optics division, added: “We warmly welcome the Nanophoton team to Bruker, and acknowledge their outstanding track record and expertise in innovating in Raman microscopy. We are look forward to this new opportunity to bring the differentiated Nanophoton Raman imaging systems to our research customers worldwide with global support.”

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. In 2023, Nanophoton Corporation had revenues of approximately $5 million, and was near break-even. Nanophoton was founded in 2003 as the world’s only dedicated Raman microscope manufacturer. Nanophoton has developed, manufactured, and sold unique laser-scanning Raman microscopes, including a line-illumination confocal Raman microscope that reduces measurement time by several hundred times and a Raman microscope that employs a unique beam-scanning method based on stochastic process and information theories.

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