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February 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

With the rise of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, there has been a growing demand for metrology automation to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Metrology automation refers to the use of automated systems and tools for the measurement and analysis of manufactured products involving the integration of sensors, robotics, software, and other technologies to streamline the measurement process and improve data accuracy and reliability.

One of the primary benefits of metrology automation is the ability to collect and analyze data in real-time. With automated measurement systems, manufacturers can monitor and adjust production processes in real-time to ensure that products meet quality standards enabling manufacturers to identify and resolve issues quickly, reducing the risk of defects and scrap. Industrial robots are becoming an increasingly important component in metrology automation providing high-precision, efficient, and repeatable measurements for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

The USA recently reported record robot sales in 2022 with many of these having been associated with metrology automation. This month’s editorial focus was the increasing role of metrology automation in smart manufacturing. Featured articles in this month’s newsletter include “Adaptation of Measurement To Process-Integrated Metrology“; “Increased Quality Through Optical Inspection”; “Audi Inline Measuring Cell Integrates Safe Portal System”; “Coherix Announces AI Enabled Adaptive Process Control Software”; “The Increasing Role of Metrology Automation in Smart Manufacturing”; “Flush and Gap Verification With Advanced 3D Laser Profilers” and “Robotic Vision Systems and Automation Solve Your Manufacturing Problems”.

February saw the release of a number of new and enhanced 3D scanning products again demonstrating the increasing role of optical measurement in today’s manufacturing processes. We also reported on the launch of a Digital Calibration Certificate initiative by PTB as part of QI-Digital. The complete library of over 80 February articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Adaptation of Measurement To Process-Integrated Metrology

Metrology News recently sat down with Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer, CDO (Chief Data Officer) of the Wenzel Group, for a discussion on his views on the future role of dimensional measurement in the new era of smart manufacturing and how process-integrated metrology is viewed, along with its challenges … read more

Optical Measurement Meets The Challenges of Electromobility

The transition to E-Mobility is a major technological change, both for car users and for manufacturers. For the latter, the electric motor means new production lines and new quality control systems. Marposs Group has a successful history of more than 70 years in the field of quality control for the automotive industry … read more

Visualizing The Future of Manufacturing

The industrial metaverse is a term that refers to a virtual world where manufacturing companies can interact, collaborate and even create real products in a virtual environment. This concept represents a major shift in the way manufacturing companies approach their operations, offering new opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness … read more

Increased Quality Through Optical Inspection

Modern production systems are characterized by high speeds coupled with high quality demands. This places the highest demands on quality control. The most important non-destructive method for inspection is the automatic processing and evaluation of images taken with cameras directly in production … read more

ZEISS Introduces T-SCAN hawk 2 – Its Next-Generation Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

ZEISS #HandsOnMetrology has introduced its new ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2, developed and produced in Germany and certified for the highest industry standards. ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2 is a portable, reliable tool to capture data with metrology-grade precision wherever needed: in quality control or reverse engineering … read more

Wide FOV Smart Sensors for Inline High-Speed 3D Measurement Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the release of its new Gocator 2540/50 high-speed wide field of view 3D laser line profile sensors. Gocator 2540/50 laser line profilers deliver the 2500 series’ signature blazing fast scan rates, with the added advantage of wider … read more

Creaform Hand Held 3D Scanner Delivers 12 Micron Benchmark Accuracy

Creaform has announced the addition of the high-accuracy handheld scanner HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited to its HandySCAN 3D | BLACK series lineup, an ongoing reference in portable metrology. Developed over the last decade by optimizing manufacturing and calibration processes, working closely with suppliers and speaking with several thousands of industrial customers … read more

Reference Frame Permits Three Sixty Degree Hand-Held 3D Scanning

If component parts are to be measured all the way round, specialised equipment is needed. For small parts, fixed, customised devices are often too pricey. That’s why there is now a modular reference frame available which, in combination with reference markers and a scanning spray, offers a suitable alternative … read more

Industry 4.0 – Reviewing The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is widely considered to play a significant role in the future of manufacturing. Industry 4.0 refers to the integration of advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and robotics into the manufacturing process creating smart factories that are more efficient, flexible, and adaptive … read more

ABB Launches 3D Quality Inspection Functional Module

With customers demanding ever faster delivery of a products in a growing range of combinations, the need to keep track of quality in manufacturing processes is more important than ever. Manufacturers need to ensure they have the right technologies in place to ensure that products can be thoroughly checked whilst … read more

Computer Vision and Machine Vision Difference Explained

In recent years, technology has revolutionized many industries, and manufacturing is no exception. Smart manufacturing is the use of technology and advanced automation to streamline and optimize the manufacturing process. One of the most crucial components is the use of computer vision and machine vision … read more

Flush and Gap Verification With Advanced 3D Laser Profilers

A common application in the automotive industry is flush and gap inspection to ensure that vehicle panels are aligned properly. Although this application appears relatively simple, the value of the flush and gap inspection system lies in the details. For example, a 2D system may determine if a gap is consistent between door and body  … read more

Multimodal Non-Destructive Testing Augmented With New Discipline

Spectroscopy by means of ultra-short waves in the terahertz range is a very promising method for volumetric testing in non-conductive materials. It has been integrated for the first time as an additional technology in a multimodal ACCUBOT non-destructive testing system from FILL Gesellschaft as part of the three-year … read more

Coherix Announces AI Enabled Adaptive Process Control Software

3D computer vision company Coherix has  introduced AI enabled Adaptive Process Control (APC) solutions that deliver continuous in-line process control for sealant and adhesive dispensing applications. “Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence require more than just vision, they require real time software that learns, compares, adjusts on-the-fly and does not require human intervention … read more

Standardized Digital Calibration Certificates To Become Integral In Quality Infrastructure

Due to the digital transformation, products as well as production and economic processes are changing massively and with increasing speed. The new requirements that go hand in hand with this present the established system of quality infrastructure (QI) with new challenges. In order to meet these challenges, all quality assurance processes … read more

Robotic Vision Systems and Automation Solve Your Manufacturing Problems

Robotic vision systems can can help you boost productivity, increase yield and decrease quality concerns in manufacturing processes. The question of how you can increase productivity in manufacturing is an ongoing debate, especially where productivity has been dampened over the last years compared to other industrialised … read more

Matterport to Provide Digital Twin Platform for John Deere’s Operations

Matterport has announced that John Deere has agreed to use Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform and 3D capture technology to build a virtual Operations Center for remote management of over 60 facilities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Matterport’s platform creates simulated digital replicas of facilities … read more

3D Measurement System Assesses Performance of BMW GT3 Race Car

In motorsports, a measurement system must be able to provide accurate information about the condition of a race vehicle very quickly so that engineering teams can optimize both their designs and assemblies. Whether assessments are conducted in the factory during the pre-season or directly in the pit lane at the racetrack … read more

Audi Inline Measuring Cell Integrates Safe Portal System

The aim was to implement an access protection solution on a newly developed inline measurement cell at Audi AG’s giant manufacturing hall at its headquarters in Ingolstad, Germany that does not require muting sensors but can still handle all of the complex vehicle geometries … read more

Intuitive Voice Controlled Production Using Speech Recognition

Fraunhofer researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT have developed a speech recognition solution for use in industrial manufacturing. The system works reliably even in noisy environments and can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs. Employees use intuitive voice commands on the factory floor … read more

Renault Showcases Its Industrial Metaverse

Renault Group recently announced that it is accelerating its digitalization with the first industrial Metaverse. Today, 100% of its vehicle production lines are connected (8,500 pieces of equipment), 90% of supply flows are constantly monitored and 100% of Supply Chain data is hosted in the Renault Group Metaverse … read more

How Does Photogrammetry Work?

Prior to the measurement, coded and uncoded reference points are placed on the measuring object and scale bars are positioned in the measurement environment to achieve highly accurate measurement results. Then, the object to be measured is captured from different perspectives with a digital measuring camera … read more

Digital Reality Platform Enables Product Lifecycle Collaboration

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its digital reality platform, Nexus. The new platform applies the latest cloud technologies to unblock innovation bottlenecks, enabling global teams to collaborate in real-time across the product lifecycle – from design and engineering to production and quality – to solve design and manufacturing problems … read more

The Increasing Role of Metrology Automation in Smart Manufacturing

With the rise of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, there has been a growing demand for metrology automation to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. In this article, we discuss the increasing role of metrology automation in smart manufacturing and its benefits … read more


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