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Matterport to Provide Digital Twin Platform for John Deere’s Worldwide Operations

Matterport has announced that John Deere has agreed to use Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform and 3D capture technology to build a virtual Operations Center for remote management of over 60 facilities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Matterport’s platform creates simulated digital replicas of John Deere manufacturing facilities, where teams can remotely track progress, plan for site changes, and collaborate remotely.

Utilizing Matterport’s Pro2 and Pro3 cameras, John Deere will capture spatially accurate, 4K resolution digital twins to optimize facility operations. With Matterport’s digital twin platform, John Deere employees can remotely access any facility’s digital twin to track assets and materials, monitor vehicles, and integrate real-time IoT data streams. Collaboration takes place in real-time within the digital twin to improve productivity while reducing the need for costly site visits.

“We’re proud to support John Deere on their journey to reinvent manufacturing operations,” said Jay Remley, Matterport’s Chief Revenue Officer. “For global businesses with facilities spread across several regions and time zones, the ability to remotely optimize each space based on its own unique parameters is a critical unlock for operations management. Our digital twin platform enables companies to reap real productivity gains and cost savings by digitizing their operations for more efficient maintenance, remote monitoring and improved decision making.”

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