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Tesla Plans Inhouse Development of Automated Vehicle Quality Control Vision Systems

Tesla is taking steps to improve its build quality by implementing automated quality control systems at its Fremont, California factory. A recent job posting is looking for Quality Inspection Engineers to lead the installation and operations of automation camera inspection systems on existing manufacturing lines.

The vehicle engineering team at Tesla is looking for a highly motivated Quality Inspection Engineer to apply their experience with vehicle assembly lines and manufacturing software systems to lead the installation and operations of automation camera inspection systems.

The Job Posting stated “Tesla’s Vision Automation team is currently seeking a quality inspection engineer to expand the capabilities of our automated defect detection systems. The Vision Automation team is part of the Vehicle Engineering organization. We own the centralized technical aspects of our multi-continent Gigafactory network and product line, including Tesla’s most important programs, such as the four S3XY models, Cybertruck, cell production, Robotaxis, Optimus, and new factories.  The quality inspection team plays a role in making the factories every bit as revolutionary as the products themselves. 

As a Quality Inspection Engineer on the Vision Automation team, you will contribute to Tesla’s in-house efforts to purpose-build automated inspection systems. The ideal candidate will start learning our current technologies used for model training, deployment, and inspections. Once onboarding is complete, they will lean on their deep understanding of signal processing (especially image processing) and deep learning to improve our systems, including but not limited to 2D/3D perception, model building, model deployment, and rapid or agile prototyping.”


  • Learn how Tesla’s automated inspection systems currently at work, then suggest and implement improvements
  • Rapidly prototype machine learning and computer vision systems (including algorithms, code, and devops) that add value or reduce waste in Tesla industrial facilities, then integrate your work with existing vision automation software and operations


  • Deep understanding of computer vision fundamentals including but not limited to perception, deep learning, object detection, instance and semantic segmentation, and sensor fusion in 2D and 3D
  • Experience in end-to-end machine learning solution design
  • Experience in working with 3D cameras
  • Basic understanding of a low-level, strongly typed language like C++ or Go
  • Experience with cluster and cloud computing
  • Willingness to work full time on a production floor in Fremont, CA
  • Nice to have: Theoretical understanding of major concepts in artificial intelligence, including convolutional neural networks, but also game theory, Markov Decision Processes, Reinforcement Learning, Nonlinear Optimization, and Linear Programming