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Hand Held 3D Scanner Delivers 12 Micron Benchmark Accuracy

Creaform has announced the addition of the high-accuracy handheld scanner HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited to its HandySCAN 3D | BLACK series lineup, an ongoing reference in portable metrology. Developed over the last decade by optimizing manufacturing and calibration processes, working closely with suppliers and speaking with several thousands of industrial customers, this new innovative handheld solution delivers unparalleled accuracy.

ISO 17025 Accredited Accuracy

Design specifically to address the needs of the most demanding dimensional metrology professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited can tackle any quality control or product development applications where tolerances require increased accuracy, while remaining portable and flexible. It is twice as accurate as The HandySCAN BLACK|Elite, assessed through an ISO 17025 accredited calibration, based on VDI/VDE part 3 standard.

The characteristics of the innovating handheld HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited technology will provides the most accurate, high-resolution and repeatable results. The scanning solution is ideal for integration with Creaform application software, such as VXmodel module for scan-to-CAD, VXinspect module for dimensional inspection and VXintegrity NDT software platform for NDT applications.

Metrology Performance Scanning

  • Provides an accuracy of 0.012 mm (0.0005 in).
  • Offers a volumetric accuracy of 0.012 mm +0.020 mm/m (0.0005 in +0.0002 in/ft).
  • Powered by smart resolution that highlights fine details and high curvature.
  • Uses 11 blue lasers crosses, for an increased scanning speed on difficult surfaces.
  • Boasts integrated photogrammetry, as does the whole HandySCAN 3D lineup.
  • Portable, lightweight, simple and versatile it is perfect for on the go scanning in any environmental conditions.

The breakthrough metrology solution was fully developed and manufactured at Creaform’s ISO 9000 headquarters in Canada, where it maintains an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in-house. “And through our14 offices located around the world our commitment to the highest standards is supported by a global team of application engineers and technical support specialists speaking more than 30 languages, as well as more than 150 added value distributors.” says Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform.

The HandySCAN BLACK|Elite Limited will be available for delivery starting March 1, 2023.

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