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Control Expo 2022 Preview #4

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we publish the fourth in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 3 – 6th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

Making Inspection and Reverse Engineering Tasks Faster

Verisurf will be featuring new technologies and new software features to complete inspection and reverse engineering tasks faster and with more accuracy. Verisurf will also be showing how your users can learn and retain expertise in these disciplines with very little training. CMM productivity enhancing benefits from Rehishaw’s REVO and PH20 5-axis probing systems reduced programming and cycle run times with new features to demonstrate, enhancements that meet today’s challenges.

Making less work from a lot of data. Verisurf will showcase an intuitive set of tools to simplify complex tasks with helpful functions for STL mesh optimization, auto-surfacing and feature extraction and inspection features that assist with software automation for getting quicker results. Laser trackers have become the go-to standard for aerospace and automotive tool building. Verisurf has pioneered the powerful and effective application of trackers for tool building and anything out of the reach of stationary CMMs.

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Mastering Quality Together

Since the last Control Show, GOM Metrology and ZEISS have grown together. Together they will present technologies and application highlights in the areas of eMobility solutions and medical industry solutions under one brand common umbrella. Engineers will present the wide portfolio of ZEISS & GOM technologies with demonstrations focussed on many different industries: automotive deep dives in eMobility and car body, medical orthopedics and plastic examples, plastic parts in general and ZEISS Quality Software will show to achieve quality together master. The booth will also offer 10-minute break-out sessions with ZEISS experts on specialized topics including ‘Metrology Goes Inline’; ‘Automated Solutions For Production Control’; ‘Virtual Clamping With Optical Measurement Technology’.

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100% Inline-Quality Control Provided By iQ-One

Austrian solution provider enigmasoft brings quality control into the production line with its new test cell iQ-one. The all-new inspection cell has been specially developed for the automated 3D digitization of components in manufacturing plants. The high testing speed and the intelligent machine concept focusses the iQ-one test cell for 100% inline quality control.

Launching at CONTROL 2022, the high scanning speed, intelligent machine concept, with a construction insulated against vibrations and partitioned, make the test cell iQ-one perfect for 100% inline-quality control. A virtual 3D digital twin image is generated for each product based on precise scanning data facilitating a perfect digitized part quality assessment.

Inside the cell the part to be tested is stationary and is digitized by robot-guided 3D-scanners without clamping. Because the part is stationary when scanned, no complex clamping and part rotating equipment is needed eliminating errors induced from clamping forces or part repositioning. The simplified part holder also allow for a clear view of all sides of the component.

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Measurement Technology as a Competitive Advantage

With their latest measuring system ‘InfiniteFocusG6’, Bruker Alicona offers a world premiere to all visitors of the CONTROL trade show.The supplier of optical measuring technology continues its successful concept in combining roughness measurements with coordinate measuring technology, presenting a new measuring instrument that scores with its unique measuring performance, future-proof technology mix, ground-breaking user experience and maximum flexibility.

“Measurements are faster, measurement planning is more intuitive, and the spectrum of measurable components is wider.” This is how Bruker Alicona describes the latest development of their InfiniteFocus product series. With this, the provider of optical metrology once again demonstrates its innovative strength. General Manager Christian Janko: “In recent years, our development focused on areas such as usability, 5-axes metrology and performance in production metrology. This know-how is the base for the latest generation of our InfiniteFocus measuring systems.”

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Machine Vision Forum Provides Industry 4.0 Education

The ‘Machine Vision Forum’ is back at the Control 2022 with the latest knowledge presented free of charge in a compact, practice-oriented format every day. The digitisation of manufacturing and assembly plants now use automated visual inspection processes as a standard task. Image processing is becoming an existential component of Industry 4.0, because where there is no longer a human visual inspection, image processing takes over this task. It is therefore important to make knowledge available to a wide range of people in order to be able to solve future tasks with confidence. The ‘Machine Vision Forum’ offers an ideal opportunity for this.

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‘Asking The Questions’ – Machinist’s Assistant CMM

Aberlink will be showcasing their range of innovative CMM products at CONTROL including the prototype version of an all-new concept in coordinate measurement aimed at quick 2D production measurements by machine operators on the manufacturing floor.

The FULCRUM CMM is manually operated and aimed at performing quick-check measurements. The FULCRUM 250mm x 250mm x 150mm measuring volume provides more functionality than a traditional height gauge and enhanced accuracy over portable arm CMMs. With its debut at CONTROL Aberlink will be asking customers for their feedback on the new concept CMM including what unit price should be to provided measured value.

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Submicron Precision 3D Production Measurements
Systems from the HoloTop sensor family from Fraunhofer IPM enable fast and highly accurate 3D measurement of component surfaces directly in the production line. Systems are currently available for detecting areas between 15mm × 15mm x 15mm and 200mm × 150mm x 150mm with lateral resolutions between 3 and 30 μm and accuracies of less than 0.2 μm. HoloTop systems can be used in the quality control of metallic precision surfaces such as sealing surfaces and electronic components (microbump structures or high-current circuit boards). A ready-to-use HoloTop 9M18 system will be presented at the Control booth, which enables the measurement of an 18mm × 18mm area with 9 million 3D points in less than 60 ms. Single-point repeatability of less than 1 μm at 3σ is achieved in production conditions.
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Surface Inspection of High Quality Reflective Components

The ISRA SpecGAGE3D inspects the surface of reflective, glossy, or even transparent components and is fully automated with short cycle times. 3D quality control with SpecGAGE3D fulfills two tasks in only one measuring process namely the detection of cosmetic defects and the detection of shape deviations.

The ISRA Vision sealant bead inspection sensors from QUISS are reliable solutions for high-quality bonding and dispensing applications operate at robot speed up to 600mm/sec providing 100% visual inspection and monitoring of adhesive and sealant applications for all types of adhesives and surfaces.

Perceptron’s fully automated, non-contact Gap and Flush solutions that measures the relationship between mating parts and directs your personnel will be exhibited. Ideal for glass, chrome, poly-carbonate, carbon fiber, sheet metal, painted metal without sprays, stickers, or auxiliary fiducials on parts.

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