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Control Expo 2022 Preview #3

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we publish the third in a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 3 – 6th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

Versatile Desktop Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope Automates Quality Control

The next-generation Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) automates  the quality control process, providing accurate, reproducible results while freeing up time for value-added work. The easy-to-learn interface helps users to quickly come
up to speed and is ideal for a wide range of applications. The Phenom XL G2 features full-screen images and an average time-to image of just 40 seconds—three times faster than other desktop SEMs on the market. The system offers the ability to analyze large samples up to 100 x 100 mm at an improved resolution of 10 nanometers, allowing for even more details. A proprietary venting/loading mechanism ensures the fast vent/load cycle. The standard detector in the Phenom XL G2 is a four-segment backscattered electron detector (BSD) that yields sharp images and provides chemical contrast information.

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Automatic Hardness Tester Offers 9 Position Integrated Tool Changer

The second generation of the FALCON 5000, the G2, Micro Vickers / Vickers / Knoop and Brinell hardness tester provides exceptional performance, designed to match the most demanding user tasks. The FALCON 5000G2 contains a revolutionary force application range and renewed optical system.

The all new 9 position tool changer is the home to a wide range of indenters, indenter actuators with load cells, objectives, a cross-laser positioning system and load cell supported touch probe. It also provides a base to the 18 megapixel full color measurement camera and 18 megapixel full color overview camera with variable field of view, motorized zoom and auto focus system.

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Digital Surf Showcases Latest Mountains Software

Digital Surf will showcase its new Mountains 9.2 software release at Control 2022. MountainsMap analysis software is specifically developed for use with 2D & 3D (areal) contact or optical profilometers.

New features in Mountains 9.2 include a toolbox for analyzing thickness, wear & deposit, bypass filtering, robust contour analysis and freeform surface analysis.

The toolbox for analyzing thickness, wear & deposit includes: Align any two surfaces (measured simultaneously or not) to form a ‘thickness pair; Analyze global thickness parameters (mean, max/min, standard deviation etc.) or values at a specific point, along a line or over a zone; Define max/min thickness limits; Create stunning 3D thickness visualizations (per image).

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Interferometer Measures Optical Surfaces to Nanometer Precision

Nortus Optronic presents its new D7 Interferometer with an accuracy better than Lambda/1000 (< 0.6 nm). Interferometry is the first optical metrology method when obtaining the surface map with high precision. The D7 is a breakthrough innovation in interferometric measurements delivering a compact, user-friendly, reliable interferometer with accuracy greatly advancing the state-of-the-art.The D7 Interferometer measures the form of optical surfaces and wavefronts. D7 is a standalone hardware that comes along with a fringe patterns processing software, DifroMetric. D7 is phase shifting common path point diffraction interferometer (PSPDI); while the common Fizeau interferometers require reference optics, generating additional errors and masking surface details.

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Optical Testing and Sorting Machines for Mass-Produced and Series Parts

Optical inspection systems offer a tried-and-tested method of quality assurance for products that have to meet demanding requirements in sectors such as the medtech or automotive industries. To succeed in implementing a 0-ppm strategy with guaranteed quality for all manufactured parts, test systems must inspect the workpieces reliably. Inspection must cover not only complex geometries and dimensional stability but also functional and safety aspects. Equally important: the systems have to operate efficiently – features such as rapid sensing of contours and surfaces are essential. With cycle rates of up to 8,000 parts per minute, optical inspection systems from Kistler are the ideal choice for a vast range of production environments.

One of the most advanced end-of-line inspection systems in Kistler’s portfolio will be on display at Control: the KVC 821 automatic rotary plate testing system, equipped with up to eight matrix and line-scan cameras as well as 3D inspection capability, so complex testing tasks can be performed sequentially at multiple stations. Thanks to cutting-edge optical measurement technology with multiple imaging, even the most challenging surface inspections can be performed reliably. This technology also makes partial use of artificial intelligence in the form of deep neural networks and an anomaly detection process, so unknown surface deviations can be detected even though they are not yet defined.

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New Concept In Automated Measurement Technology

With MANTIS, 11 Dynamics, will present a new concept for automated measurement technology – a fully integrable turn-key solution for the smart factory of the future. Through a completely new approach, 11 Dynamic will offer users an offline and online platform for the selection, planning and integration of a multitude of modular hardware combinations resulting in the best possible configuration for customer application. The platform remains the same across all projects, increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of integrating new technologies and scaling the benefits of existing methods for future applications.

NEXOS 4.0 is 11 Dynamics automation software that is able to both 3D simulate and operate any robot and optical sensor from one simple interface making the experience easier, faster and more flexible’

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