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Control Expo 2022 Preview #1

With the most important event in the exhibition calendar for Quality Control and Metrology equipment and services suppliers fast approaching we commence a series of preview articles highlighting a few of the many new and innovative solutions that will be showcased at the Control Exhibition May 3 – 6th May in Stuttgart, Germany.

High Speed Sensing @ 600kHz

The current trend in industrial inspection systems is towards the simultaneous acquisition of more information. Even faster cameras with an increasing number of pixels are only one part of the solution. Adding high speed illumination can make more of these powerful cameras.

xposure:camera is especially designed for high-speed inline-quality inspection. With in total 60 lines xposure camera is much more than a high-speed line-scan camera. Each of the 60 lines can be read out individually. One line (monochrome) can be captured with 600kHz and three lines (RGB) with 200kHz. All 60 lines can be captured at frame rates up to 10kHz.

Austrian Institute of Technology’s (AIT) fast LED strobing technology xposure:flash is the perfect complement to xposure:camera. The use of ultra-fast strobing can transform a single camera into a multispectral, multichannel and photometry acquisition system.

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Alimet Present Topography Measurement and Wafer Inspection

The semiconductor industry demands maximum precision and reproducibility. Electronics are getting smaller, and so are their components. In fact, inspecting microcircuits, semiconductor wafers, and other electronics is challenging because even a small piece of debris can cause a malfunction.

The AltiSurf range of products offers the right solution for many applications – from precise machine positioning to topography measurement and wafer inspection. As the products are also mostly very delicate, the optical contact-free measuring systems AltiSurf offers great advantages.

The high precision of contactless AltiSurf range of products brings answers to keep up with the high rate of innovations and yet remain flexible for the necessary change. Mounted with line sensors, a measuring line replaces the traditional measuring point, the AltiSurf considerably speeds up all measurements. The AltiSurf range ensure to meet their strict standards and demand for full 100% automation ( pick up and placement, alignment, measurement and analysis).

The AltiSurf 530 Wafer comes as standard with: Vacuum chuck for up to 12” wafer ( blank or non-coated or coated), auto-alignment, automatic switch between probe and camera, automatized measurement and analysis.

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Omni 3 | Digital Microscope and Measurement System

Omni 3 is the first ASH system with an application that introduces Z Height measurement. Omni 3 streamlines inspection process, reduces errors, and increases workflow efficiency. Omni 3 builds upon the hugely successful Omni core platform and is turbo charged by AshCam+.

AshCam+ is a new advanced 30x HD camera module and enables ASH to unlock even more power from our systems and introduces new applications such as Z Height Measurement, Colour Analysis and Object Counting Applications.

Omni 3 is a powerful, customizable, intuitive digital inspection and measurement system. Omni 3 can be fully tailored to your meet your requirements through our applications model, ensuring that your needs are met.

Omni 3 is a fully embedded, factory calibrated system, meaning there is no need for a PC to perform simple tasks such as measurement.

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Blum Novatest Measuring and Evaluation Software

The newly developed Blum Novatest M4P software was specially designed for dynamic measuring tasks of post-process measuring systems. The software enables the documentation of the quality of each manufactured component, whereby defective parts can be rejected immediately and, in addition, a closed control loop for the control of the processing machine can be realized.

Due to the measuring and evaluation software M4P, Blum-Novotest is able to offer a software solution that additionally satisfies the test process suitability and measurement uncertainty analysis according to VDA Volume 5 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The software is fully compatible with the current statistical software solutions from Q-DAS. Measurement data can be output as an AQDEF file and contains all the necessary K fields specified by the automotive standard.

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Multisensor CT- Combined Submicrofocus Tube and High-Voltage Microfocus Tube

A new machine solution from Werth Messtechnik combines a submicrofocus tube and a microfocus tube (with a high voltage of up to 300 kV at a power of 80 W) to form a two-tube measurement system. With focal spot sizes of a few micrometers, even large or dense workpieces can be measured with high resolution and speed. In addition, the machine is equipped with a Chromatic Focus Point Sensor for optical measurements.

The new sub-microfocus tube (with a voltage of 160 kV and a maximum power of 30 W) achieves a focal spot size of less than one micrometer by refocusing the electron beam. The achievable volume resolution is on the same order of magnitude. This makes it possible to measure the fiber structure of filter materials. The penetration depth of particles can also be measured and displayed in color-coded form, with a view from inside the workpiece to the surface.

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V-FIX – Modular Metrology Fixture Solutions

Save time and resources by incorporating Verus V-FIX modular ficturing system into your daily measurement activities. An innovative creation designed and manufactured by Verus Metrology Partners; V-FIX allows for fast, interchangeable, pre-assembled holding solutions. With V-FIX, users can build multiple modules offline and drop them into the frame as and when needed. Whether looking to increase throughput by measuring multiple parts at once or have features which are difficult to reach, Verus’ modular fixture provide an all-round solution that can be configured to an infinite number of combinations.

Utilizing plethora of V-FIX Inner and Outer rails, users can custom build a metrology fixture base of any size, suitable to meet specific measurement needs. By sectioning off the base, the inner rails enable multiple parts to be measured at once, accelerating the metrology process. Height can be integrated into the fixture via converters, placing the inner rails vertically allocating for the measurement of taller, more intricate parts.

With the component locked securely in place, the kit allows for measurements to be taken at multiple orientations. The non-abrasive materials used throughout its manufacturing eliminates the risk of damaging the component, ensuring it remains fit for purpose and all measurement results remain true to form.

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Cutting Gear Measuring Time With Optical Metrology

To be equipped for all measurement tasks, Klingelnberg combines HISPEED OPTOSCAN optical measuring technology with the established, high-precision 3D NANOSCAN probing system. This system incorporates maximum precision with the required robustness for a production environment. Thanks to the high-speed changeover feature, the optimal measurement system can be used for every task.

The measuring system offers up to 40 % reduction in measuring time for cylindrical gears without compromising accuracy. The two methods are also applied in rapid succession for cylindrical gear measurements. Specifically, this can be illustrated using an application example taken from e-mobility: for a toothed gear with 54 teeth, the total measuring time can be reduced from 2.5 minutes to 90 seconds. To achieve this, the time-intensive measurements are performed in a very targeted manner with the optical sensors and are significantly reduced as a result, by up to 90 % in the ideal case.

Measurement tasks in which tactile measurement presents advantages with respect to measurement time, flexibility or accuracy are performed in turn using the tactile method. The fact that this operational sequence has been integrated into the Klingelnberg cylindrical gear software is noteworthy. As a result, the measurement methods are combined in a fully automatic, time-optimized manner, simply by making the appropriate selection. No special knowledge of optical measuring technology is required for data input and operation.

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