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Vibration Isolation Gets Smart With Adaptive Control

The vibration isolation of processes, especially in the areas of measurement technology and precision manufacturing technology, is the basis for high-quality results. With increasing technical progress, the requirements for mounts and vibration isolation of the processes also increase. Good vibration isolation is essential, especially for inline quality control and for precision machines in industrial environment. EFFBE has recently made available an electronic and software-supported air spring system that masters the high demands of the processes and the requirements of Industry 4.0.

High Degree of Isolation With Solid Load-Bearing Capacity

The EFFBE air spring systems combine high load capacity with a low natural frequency and thus with a good isolation against disruptive vibrations. By using a highly flexible and only 0.3 mm thick diaphragm with low inherent rigidity, the ADS series enables low natural frequencies in the range from 2 Hz to 5 Hz. Despite the seemingly fragile structure, the elements can carry loads up to 100 kN.

Machine Leveling Through Load-Adaptive Control

EFFBE combines non-contact distance measurement and pressure control, integrated into the air spring elements, which saves installation space and protects components, to a load-adaptive control. As a result, the level will be maintained across the entire machine in the event of changes in mass or center of gravity with a reset accuracy of 0.1 mm. Thus, imbalance and the resulting damage, measurement errors or reduced process quality will be prevented. Due to the non-contact distance measurement, the sensors and actuators of the control are decoupled. The advantage is that the levels of the springs can be adjusted independently of mechanical components. In addition, this decoupling of sensors and actuators enables a so-called silent mode, which forces readjustment processes to stop and so prevents disruptive dynamics during sensitive processes.

Digitalized Air Spring System for Industry 4.0

The AirLevelControl software from EFFBE provides a completely self-sufficient air spring system. In addition to the setup of the system, the software enables real-time monitoring, a functional test, a leak test and logging. Remote control and remote maintenance are also possible via the Internet. When setting up, users can tune the air spring system to application needs by parameterizing the target level, the tolerances and the response times of the control. In addition, the system also offers a simple way of integrating the mount into the machine or process control via digital inputs and outputs.

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