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Small 3D Blue Light Precision Scanner Launches

Evatronix has launched its eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner which is distinguished by high precision measurement and high levels of detail of scanned surfaces.

eviXscan 3D FinePrecision is an optical measuring device operating with a blue LED light source. The scanner is equipped with two fast, latest generation, 8.9 Mpix cameras with CMOS matrixes characterized by high reproduction accuracy of even the smallest elements of precision mechanics. FinePrecision technology enables users to achieve accurate dimensional measurement of the scanned object with an accuracy better than 6 µm and repeatability of less than 3 µm. The detail of the resulting scans are obtained due to the high density of recorded points (more than 1200 points per square millimeter of the scanned surface). A single scan can collect measurement data from a volume of 120 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm.

A significant advantage of the eviXscan 3D FinePrecision scanner is its short scanning time. The combination of high-speed cameras and the modern DLP light projection system, which triggers the cameras every time a new pattern is displayed, reduces the scan acquisition time to several hundred milliseconds.

FinePrecision scans with a high level of detail, crucial when measuring precision mechanics such as micro rotors, small injection molded plastic parts, CNC machined parts or 3D printed. The scanner also allows the precise 3D scanning of sharp-edged tools or components. FinePrecision can be used in the scanning of prosthetic implants as well as supporting jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking industries and providing the precision for 3D printing process optimization.

“Based on experience with our Heavy Duty scanners and discussions with our customers indicating areas where precise measurement and very detailed surface mapping was needed, we defined the requirements for a scanner that is a solution for these unfulfilled needs” stated Kamil Góra, Product Manager of 3D Scanners in Evatronix. “According to these requirements our R&D department developed a product ready to meet everyday challenges of metrology labs with measurement of fine mechanics objects. Using cameras and projector optimized specifically for our scanner, allowed us to offer a product adjusted to the needs of its future users, really a scanner “from engineers for engineers”.

eviXscan 3D FinePrecision can also be used in the field of predictive maintenance; the identification of microdamage to key components of production equipment helping to prevent potential failures, which in turn reduces costs of downtimes.

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