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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – October 18th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

API has announced the introduction of its next generation of iScan3D Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud creation. iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner, that integrates with its Radian Laser Tracker, having undergone a thorough reengineering … read more

Xposure Photometry Offers Fast Inline 3D Surface Scanning

Xposure:Photometry, developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), is a fast inline 3D surface scanner realised by a high-speed smart camera. It is designed for optical inline surface inspection tasks common in many industrial manufacturing processes. Conventional 2D scanning methods cannot distinguish between pseudo defects – dirt on the surface … read more

3D Sensor Scans Transparent Objects

A new measurement method for 3D shape acquisition has been developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF). With their ‘MWIR-3D sensor’, they can scan objects three-dimensionally, regardless of whether they are made of transparent plastic or glass. Even objects with shiny metallic or … read more

Capture 3D Joins the ZEISS Group

ZEISS has confirmed that the acquisition of Capture 3D, the leading US partner for GOM 3D non-contact measuring solutions, has been concluded successfully. With the completion of this transaction, Capture 3D has become part of the ZEISS Industrial Quality & Research segment. Customers will have continued support, with the advantage … read more

Mahr Showcases Cylindrical CMM With Multisensor Technology

At the recent EMO 2021 expo Mahr introduced its new Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machine (cCMM). The Mar4D PLQ has been specifically developed for the measurement, close to production, of rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The Mar4D PLQ represents a state-of-the-art multisensor solution incorporating both optical and tactile measurement sensors in a single setup … read more

In-Line Production Inspection Using Digital Holography

Over the past decade, digital holography has evolved into one of the fastest and at the same time most accurate methods for recording the surface topography of components in the production line. A survey article by Fraunhofer IPM scientists in the journal ‘Light: Advanced Manufacturing’ describes how this came about … read more

GelSight Mobile Series 2 Offers Compact and Ergonomic Tactile Measurement

GelSight has introduced the latest version of its GelSight Mobile probe, the Series 2. This new generation of GelSight’s mobile device offers a sleek form-factor that is one-third lighter and less than half the volume of its predecessor, allowing it to scan surfaces in tighter spaces, while maintaining accuracy, speed, and field of view.  … read more

New Category of Machine Vision to Unlock a New Performance Dimension

Since their inception 150 years ago, all conventional video tools have represented motion by capturing a number of still frames each second. Displayed rapidly, such images create an illusion of continuous movement. From the flip book to the movie camera, the illusion became more convincing but its basic structure never chamged … read more

Automated Measurements Using SMARTTECH3D 3D Scanner and KUKA Robot

SMARTTECH has established cooperation with industrial robot manufacturer KUKA AG. The outcome of this cooperation is a new product for automated quality control system. The SMARTTECH3D Robotized system enables user automation of full quality control processes starting from customization of measurement plan, through CAD comparison up to control report all … read more

Nissan Unveil Production Facility Incorporating Intelligent Factory Initiative

Nissan has unveiled a production line at its Tochigi Plant featuring the Nissan Intelligent Factory Initiative. This unique initiative supports the manufacture of next-generation vehicles using innovative technologies and contributes to the realization of carbon neutrality. Nissan also announced a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at its production … read more

Accelerating Smart Manufacturing with Private 5G Networks

Digital transformation is driving manufacturer’s adoption of new and flexible networking solutions. The largest manufacturing organizations are more likely to acquire their own spectrum and deploy dedicated private networks where they can control security and architecture. However, in a recent survey, nearly 50% of manufacturers say they are open to … read more

Quality Control Throughout AM Print Process

Keeping oil and gas (O&G) production facilities running smoothly is widely acknowledged to be among the toughest challenges in any industry. Critical process-control components inevitability fail under the stresses of the high pressure, severe service conditions in the O&G environment. Historically, O&G operators have had to implement expensive inventory programs … read more

Inspire Software Presents New Productivity Features for Portable Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the latest version of Inspire inspection software designed to take on a wide range of metrology applications with the ease-of-use of a handheld tablet or iPad. The software’s top level navigation gives ready access to the functionality that intuitively makes sense for the measurement … read more

X-ray Inspection Software Reduces PCB Cycle Times By 50 Percent

Saki Corporation has announced the qualification of new software that is now available to reduce cycle time by up to 50% on its 3Xi-M110 inline 3D-AXI system for printed circuit board inspection. The 3Xi-M110 delivers high-accuracy volumetric inspection at the industry’s fastest speed with this new software … read more