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Mahr Showcases Cylindrical CMM With Multisensor Technology

At the recent EMO 2021 expo Mahr introduced its new Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machine (cCMM). The Mar4D PLQ has been specifically developed for the measurement, close to production, of rotationally symmetrical workpieces.

The Mar4D PLQ represents a state-of-the-art multisensor solution incorporating both optical and tactile measurement sensors in a single setup. Workpieces of up to Ø 200 mm, 1000 mm in length, and 50 kg in weight can be measured by the system.

With up to four CNC axes, a selection of both optical and tactile sensors, as well as sophisticated monitoring systems, the Mar4D PLQ represent 3D measured values reliably and precisely. Extreme flexibility in workpiece size additionally contributes to a significant increase in productivity, particularly directly in the manufacturing environment.

A motorized tailstock with automatic clamping force monitoring ensure error free measurement with the proven MarWin platform software offering an intuitive user interface.

Designed to work in hostile production environments the Mar4D PLQ incorporates integrated vibration isolation and real-time temperature compensation. A light guard ensure safe and fast operator loading with integral monitoring provides machine protection.

With the Mar4D PLQ, Mahr are pursuing a completely new concept that combines the best of different worlds of production metrology with flexibility, productivity, process reliability and ergonomics being the focus.

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