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Automated Measurements Using SMARTTECH3D 3D Scanner and KUKA Robot

SMARTTECH has established cooperation with industrial robot manufacturer KUKA AG. The outcome of this cooperation is a new product for automated quality control system. The SMARTTECH3D Robotized system enables user automation of full quality control processes starting from customization of measurement plan, through CAD comparison up to control report all in one software environment.

Over the years, the Polish manufacturer has implemented its scanners in factories of such brands as Boeing, General Electric or NASA, and in many institutes and universities around the world. Now with integration of a KUKA robotic arm, and developed software, the scanning process becomes fully automated.

The system operates directly in dedicated SMARTTECH software which allows for automatic implementation of quality control and reverse engineering processes. The heart of the system is a 3D scanner with stereoscopic technology with the highest resolution on the market of 20 MP. This allows reproduction of the finest details of the scanned object as well as the detection of defects that could be invisible even to the human eye.

SMARTTECH3D Robotized will work both on the production lines, and in design offices to modify existing products. The integration of the 3D scanner with the KUKA KR CYBERTECH NANO arm (range of 1.5m) makes it possible to scan medium and small details. It is equipped with a rotary table with a load capacity of up to 300kg that further accelerates the measurement process. The dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure application is used to control the scanning process and perform post processing of the measurement data. The program includes an intuitive module for measurement plan creation for various measured objects and quality control module providing the ability to generate customized control in PDF format.

“SMARTTECH3D Robotized combines the capabilities of a precision 3D scanner and a KUKA industrial robot –  it is an easy-to-use, integrated 3D scanning system designed for non-contact digitization and quality control. In addition to measuring, our scanners can display color deviations maps compared to CAD directly on the scanned object. This is very helpful when locating defects on products.” informs Rafał Żak, Export Manager at SMARTTECH3D.

The first SMARTTECH3D Robotized has been implemented in August on the production line of an aerospace manufacturing company in China. The official market launch is planned in November. Already after provisional launch information SMARTTECH has received numerous enquiries from distributors and clients worldwide.

SMARTTECH is opened for cooperation with integrators and partners from around the world to develop turnkey customized solutions based on its 3D scanning solutions.

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