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Inspire Software Presents New Productivity Features for Portable Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the latest version of Inspire inspection software designed to take on a wide range of metrology applications with the ease-of-use of a handheld tablet or iPad. The software’s top level navigation gives ready access to the functionality that intuitively makes sense for the measurement or inspection task at hand.

The latest version of Inspire introduces a variety of advancements including additional GD&T improvements, enhanced point cloud meshing for scanned data and new powerful feature extraction capabilities. Inspire software integrates with Hexagon’s flagship portable scanning and probing devices including the ultra high-speed Absolute Scanner AS1, Absolute laser trackers and portable measuring arms, and other metrology devices in today’s marketplace.

Inspire’s sleek, streamlined interface offers the fastest means to access its new measurement, analysis, and reporting features for greater quality productivity. More software highlights include a new delete noise function to rapidly delete outlier data in point clouds, the addition of measurement triggers, and more data import and export options. The software also introduces the ability to create cross-sections of a point cloud without the need for a CAD model.

Inspire’s learning curve is decidedly short for new and existing users with novice to expert skill levels. Hexagon offers a broad range of training materials from online videos and tutorials culminating in nearly four hours of user training resources.

“Inspire is designed to make the complex ‘simple’ with an eye on the expectations of a new generation of users breaking into the field. The latest version of Inspire takes the user experience (UX) to the next level with new navigation and feature enhancements,” states Dave O’Neal, Inspire Product Manager at Hexagon. “The metrology industry as a whole was in need of an entirely re-envisioned inspection software built from the ground up to meet the real world needs of today’s measurement professionals. The latest iteration of Inspire includes over twenty-five major enhancements across the board expanding the sheer breadth of capabilities in this end-to-end inspection software solution.”

Inspire users can also access articles, contact customer support, receive the latest Inspire news and download the software at the Inspire Community site.

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