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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – November 7th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Nikon Launches Turnkey Laser Radar Intelligent Quality Stations

Nikon Industrial Metrology has announced a series of new metrology systems for manufacturers seeking to measure the geometry of medium-to-large parts – from a car door, casting or fabrication to a whole car chassis or airframe structure. APDIS Intelligent Quality (IQ) Stations offer a range of Laser Radar solutions as … read more

The Industrial Metaverse – The Next Big Thing For Manufacturing?

The digital world and the real world are becoming increasingly mixed. This development is leading to a new generation of the Internet in which the Metaverse is making the digital world more real and reality more digital. The Metaverse is based on real-time 3D content … read more

Adcole Launches Optical Shaft Metrology Gage

Adcole has announced the launch of its OptiShaft Series-10 line of optical shaft metrology gages. Designed in cooperation with a technology partner with over 75 years of optical measurement expertise, OptiShaft brings aapproach that meets the exacting standards of shaft measurement … read more

Benefits of Interferometry During Optical Profiling

Surface characteristics can determine a range of scenarios. For instance, the finish on the body of a Formula 1 car can influence the racer’s finish time, and an engineered part’s surface will help influence its performance. In this article Matt Parry, applications engineer at industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group … read more

Photoneo Introduces Solution For Fast 3D Robotic Picking

Photoneo has introduced a new tool for fast picking of oriented and semi-oriented parts in collision-free environments – the Locator Studio. The most common use cases include object picking from flat surfaces such as trays, conveyor belts, and racks or part localization … read more

Integral Bead Inspection Sensor Ensures Perfect Application

Scheugenpflug, an Atlas Copco company, provides quality monitoring as an integral part of its sealant and adhesive bead dispensing cells saving time and space. By integrating RTVision systems, Scheugenpflug has recently expanded its portfolio for automated production lines handling dispensing tasks … read more

Managing Manufacturing ‘On The Edge’

Edge solutions are a nascent trend that will continue growing to enable digital transformation in every industry and integral to the implementation of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. Digital transformation necessitates extending and distributing the digital enterprise to the edge and connecting everything and everyone digitally. Over the next several years … read more

Smart Sensors For The Smart Factory

Data is the essence of manufacturing. Operations that take better advantage of data can create efficiencies that drive a more profitable production line. Making the transition to a smarter and more connected factory does not have to be complicated. Machines have had different types of sensors … read more

Simulation Tool To Improve 3D Printing Build Quality

Hexagon and Raytheon Technologies have partnered to deliver a simulation tool that will enable evaluation and optimisation of metal additive manufacturing (AM) processes through the prediction of thermal history and defects at the laser path and powder layer scale. Combining technologies from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Raytheon Technologies’ Pratt and Whitney business, the new software … read more

Next-Generation Bluetooth Enabled Digital Tape Measure

The inventor of the world’s-first professional digital tape measure has announced its 3rd-generation, the DP25, a full-featured professional-grade tape measure that is Bluetooth enabled. The inventor and CEO of DataPro Tools says that “the old way of measuring – interpreting a scale on the tape blade … read more

New Vision Sensor Launch Makes The Invisible Visible

The new VISOR UV from SensoPart offers integrated UV illumination that can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes that are invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the new member of SensoPart’s VISOR product family is said to be unique … read more

First Fully Integrated AM Scan Head with QA Announced

Sigma Additive Solutions, developer of quality assurance software to the commercial 3D printing industry, has announced that it has partnered with Novanta, a premier global supplier of laser photonics, precision motion control, and vision technologies for advanced industrial OEMs; including additive manufacturing applications … read more

Renishaw Reports Further Global Revenue Growth

In the three months to 30 September 2022, total revenue at Renishaw rose 14% to £179.9m, including a £4m currency benefit. Revenue in the company manufacturing technologies business segment saw a 13% increase to £172.8m while the analytical instruments and medical devices segment was 29% higher at £7.1m … read more

FARO Announces Third Quarter Financial Results

FARO has announced its financial results for the third quarter 2022. “In the second quarter, demand across our served markets remained healthy with noticeable increases in backlog driven largely by demand for both our Quantum Max scan arm and our newly released Focus Premium laser scanner … read more