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Next-Generation Bluetooth Enabled Digital Tape Measure Launched

The inventor of the world’s-first professional digital tape measure has announced its 3rd-generation, the DP25, a full-featured professional-grade tape measure that is Bluetooth enabled.

The inventor and CEO of DataPro Tools says that “the old way of measuring – interpreting a scale on the tape blade, then putting your tape down to write measurements – almost guaranteed measurement errors.” With DP25 any number of measurements can be accurately recorded to a mobile device or PC application for later use due to Bluetooth. Users just press a button and the measurement is instantly recorded to the app or project software.

DataPro Tools’ history dates to the 1980s when founder, Stephen Crane, invented and patented the world’s-first professional-grade digital tape measure. Within two years the design was licensed and marketed as the L. S. Starrett Digitape, selling 1.5 million units.

Not only was the Digitape the first professional digital tape measure, but Crane’s patents also pioneered the concept of continuous self-calibration and set the standard for accuracy and reliability using a dual encoder scheme. An optical sensor constantly scans the blade and recalibrates the device every 1.5 inch to within 1/32” (0.5 mm). DataPro’s newest design takes the concept further to use the latest solid-state measuring and sensor technology and add Bluetooth connectivity.

The design is the size of a standard professional tape measure and the DataPro does not need a surface to bounce off. The metal blade has a hook at the end to grab an edge just like any other tape measure.

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