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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – June 6th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

‘Aim and Scan’ Targetless Portable Laser Scanner

Having made its debut at Control 2022, Metronor has released its new scanner, the M-Scan 120. This next-generation handheld 3D scanner provides a new level of scanning performance and convenience. Partnering with Nikon Metrology and having integrated their well-known technology … read more

Creaform Adds High-Performance 3D Scanners

Creaform has announced the launch of two scanners with great price-performance ratios as part of its HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series solution suite. The new HandySCAN 307|Elite and HandySCAN 700|Elite, with blue laser technology, offer additional options for SMEs that are looking to leverage … read more

Trend Watch – 3D Camera and Sensor Innovations

When many people think about advancements in automation, they think of robotics or software and artificial intelligence. But one of the automation technologies that is having a large impact in helping businesses increase productivity, efficiency and revenue is actually machine vision – which pairs with robots and AI quite well … read more

Roboception Introduces High-Resolution 3D Stereo Sensor

Roboception GmbH has expanded its range of high-performance sensors for industrial 3D image processing in robotics by adding the rc_viscore high-resolution 3D stereo sensor to its product portfolio. The rc_viscore delivers an image resolution of 12 MP and hence generates a very detailed point cloud as well as depth, confidence and … read more

True Artificial Intelligence For Industrial Robotics

The Munich, German based technology company robominds, founded in 2016 works on robotics innovations, developing intelligent systems that assign completely new roles to robots in their working environment. It wants to be at the forefront of the leading operating systems in robotics – for good reason … read more

TwinTool Offers Fully Automated Robot Tool Calibration

RoboDK has released TwinTool, a software application that offers fully automated robot tool calibration for industrial robots. TwinTool is a cost-effective, quick, and easy solution to improve the tool’s accuracy in a wide variety of manufacturing applications … read more

Reasons Driving The Manufacturing Trend To Measurement Automation

Automation is the use of technology to produce and deliver parts with minimal human intervention. The integration of automated systems into the manufacturing process improves the efficiency, reliability, and repeatability of many tasks that were previously performed by humans … read more

Latest Measurement Software Delivers More Efficient Quality Control

The latest version of ZEISS universal measuring software has a focus on standard geometry. ZEISS CALYPSO 2022 particularly increases performance in data acquisition as well as in the evaluation of results. “Customers don’t actually want to write measurement programs, they want to measure parts,” emphasizes Günter Haas … read more

Robot Sales in North America Continue Record Surge

North American companies started the year by purchasing the most robots ever in a single quarter, with 11,595 robots sold at a value of $646 million. According to the Association for Advancing Automation, these Q1 numbers represent growth of 28% and 43% respectively over the first quarter of 2021 … read more

German Machine Tool Orders Remain At High Level

Orders received by the German machine tool industry in the first quarter of 2022 were 44% cent up on the same period last year. There was a 44% increase in orders both from within Germany and from overseas markets. “Orders for our industry continued to flow in … read more

Q.A. Transitions from Measurement to Manufacturing Intelligence

Ready for a metrology revolution on the shop floor? By putting intelligence inside scanning systems and their associated software, shop floor personnel can operate a scanner after watching just a few training videos. CT systems operate with not much more complexity … read more

Portable CMM Rotary Axis Table Improves Measurement Productivity

Rotary measurement and angular positioning device supplier, RPI, , has expanded its metrology product range with the launch of OctoScan, improving productivity by up to 40%. OctoScan is a highly accurate rotary axis enhancing the measurement capability of portable measurement arms. It enables objects that are larger than the standard … read more

Upgrade Your Quality Control With Machine Vision Solution

Entering the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturers attempt to increase their competence by lowering cost and lifting quality during product inspection. That’s where the technology of machine vision comes into play. Why machine vision can upgrade your quality control. Quality control is often carried out manually by manufacturers … read more

Zeiss Technology Group Acquires ETEO Software Factory

ZEISS Digital Innovation (ZDI) is setting the course for further growth with the acquisition of ETEO Software Factory Kft., a software development company based in Hungary. The completely acquired unit with over a hundred employees will operate as a subsidiary of ZDI … read more