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True Artificial Intelligence For Industrial Robotics

The Munich, German based technology company robominds, founded in 2016 works on robotics innovations, developing intelligent systems that assign completely new roles to robots in their working environment. It wants to be at the forefront of the leading operating systems in robotics – for good reason.

Due to the strong growth of online trade and higher just-in-time requirements, companies are facing new challenges. The increasing variety of products has the effect, that the tasks for industrial robots are becoming more diverse. But thanks to the networked machines in the Industry 4.0., no further facilities have to be created.

Due to the power of AI and its immense potential, complex processes can be precisely analyzed, recognized and logically linked. robominds has created a complete solution with its robot-vision-system: a camera-based system that operates on the basis of true Artificial Intelligence. The AI here is based on GPU (Graphics Processing Units) technology to implement a suitable architecture for a neural network.

robobrain is an AI-optimized IPC as an industrial control platform for state-of-the-art AI robotics. Due to various AI-Skills robobrain is expandable and can be flexibly implemented on manufacturer-independent robot hardware. Likewise, different grippers, sensors, cameras and warehouse management can be integrated. This makes it possible to automate a wide variety of processes – with ease. With such systems, the need for programming work is eliminated and a high degree of reusability is achieved.

The integrated software solution developed by robominds in uses methods of a specially developed artificial intelligence to automatically determine the picking points of the workpieces – regardless of their material and shape. That is why even unknown objects can be processed without instructional learning steps, which reduces setup times to zero when changing the products to be picked. Important camera parameters, for improved recognition of the depth image, are defined by the system itself. The user can carry out the configuration very easily and intuitively via an  operating panel or directly in the web browser, without having to install additional software. In this way even complex robot applications can be configured, installed and integrated flexibly and quickly.

Different AI-Skills in combination with robot arm and end-of-arm tools, such as parallel grippers or vacuum grippers, ensure the most versatile application possibilities. robominds has thus created a modular platform for process intelligence with the robobrain solution, which operates on the basis of true artificial intelligence. State-of-the-art hardware components and smart software modules form a future-oriented system in Industry 4.0.

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