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Upgrade Your Quality Control With Machine Vision Solution

Entering the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturers attempt to increase their competence by lowering cost and lifting quality during product inspection. That’s where the technology of machine vision comes into play.

Why Machine Vision Can Upgrade Your Quality Control

Quality control is often carried out manually by manufacturers, requiring domain expertise. But this is not the case for Industry 4.0, as the slow manual inspection sometimes ends up in a low efficiency and high cost.

Benefits of machine-vision inspection compared with manual inspection include increasing inspection speed and frequency, at a lower cost and with improved efficiency.

The technology of machine vision enables effective inspection or products tracability, significantly increasing the speed and precision rate, while reducing cost. Any company managing to apply this technology for quality control will be very likely to take the lead in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Solution Improve Quality Control

Whether for automobile chassis, printed circuit boards, prescription lenses, batteries, or any other products, machine vision can be applied to quality inspection tasks. In combination with hardware and software, SmartMore Corporation can deliver functions of identification, measurement, detection, and location, enabling the production lines across industries to achieve consistent, scalable, and efficient quality control.

Using the SMore Industrial Platform, equipped with machine vision algorithms, models can be trained and then generated. With such trained models, the detection of diverse defects in various products on manufacturing lines can be detected, including mobile phones, tablets, bearings, earphones and many other products.

Except for the detection of defects, traceability is also a key factor in quality control. With the SMore Code Scanner VS series, users are able to track information along the entire production line by reading the barcode efficiently and accurately.

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