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METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – June 27th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Alliance Takes Smart Factory Automation To Next Level

ISRA VISION reflects positively on the corporate alliance with Perceptron and QUISS. Under the new joint slogan ‘ENVISIONING THE FUTURE,’ the companies are offering a unique and comprehensive portfolio of solutions for smart factory automation … read more

Factory of the Future Tested with 5G Network Slicing

Thanks to TIM and Ericsson’s deployment of a 5G network at Comau’s headquarters in Turin (Italy), three new applications have been launched to demonstrate the advantages of the new technology, and in particular those arising from the slicing functionality … read more

3D Laser Scanning To Digitalise All BMW Vehicle Manufacturing Plants

By early 2023, the BMW Group will have a digital scan of every one of its vehicle plants worldwide. In this way, the company is systematically merging the real and virtual worlds and tapping into the enormous potential for highly efficient planning … read more

‘Industrial Quality Solutions’ Signifies More than Just a Name Change for ZEISS

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC will change their legal name to Carl Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions, LLC on July 1, 2022, to reflect the growth and development of the company. With the acquisition of several companies in recent years and the continued development of advanced technologies  … read more

Ultra-Fast Next-Generation Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner Launched

Hexagon AB, a  leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, has announced the introduction of the all-new, next-generation Leica BLK360, which dramatically advances reality capture by delivering two of the most sought-after necessities: speed and efficiency … read more

Time to Close the Gap Between Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0.?

Quality 4.0 must be a significant contributor to the Industry 4.0 revolution happening in manufacturing, however, right now there is a significant gap between the two. The risk for the quality industry not closing, or at least not tightening the gap … read more

Why LADAR Is Entering The World of Coordinate Metrology

As industries around the world work to make their process and products not only automated but autonomous, there has been an explosion in the use of Detection and Ranging systems over the last 20 years. Detection and Ranging systems date back to RADAR systems that were developed during World War … read more

New Inertial Modules Enable AI Training Inside Sensor

STMicroelectronics has introduced new inertial sensors that contain the intelligent sensor processing unit to power the onlife era: interacting with trained devices with intelligence moving from ‘on’ the edge to ‘in’ the edge. The ISM330ISN always-on 6-axis inertial measurement unit for movement and position sensing … read more

Gauging System Inspection Challenges Solved With 3D Printed Custom Stylus

A move to Renishaw’s Equator 300 automated gauging system gave Linex Manufacturing all the inspection speed and accuracy it needed. However, on a project implemented before the larger Renishaw Equator 500 was available in the market, bolt holes on the extremities of a workpiece lay just outside the gauge’s working … read more

MEMS Based 3D Camera For Industrial Measurement Applications Launching

Saccade Vision launched its Saccade-MD feature-based 3D camera for industrial measurement applications at the Automatica 2022 expo.  Saccade-MD is a novel imaging solution that overcomes some key limitations present in traditional 2D and 3D imaging technologies. Saccade-MD is a feature-based static laser line scanner … read more


MSI-Viking Gage has announced the acquisition of Inspec, Inc., of Canton, Michigan. With the completion of the transaction Inspec is now a wholly owned subsidiary of MSI Viking. MSI Viking’s acquisition of Inspec advances its growing service and sales capabilities in the Midwest region … read more

CT Scanning Shines Light on Hidden Defects

ZKW Lighting Systems develops and manufactures innovative, high-quality automotive lighting systems. But new materials, complex designs and tight tolerances push conventional metrology to its limits. Two ZEISS METROTOM computer tomographs offer completely new possibilities  … read more

Creaform Release Enhanced VXelements 3D Measurement Platform

Creaform has announced, at the dawn of its 20th anniversary, the launch of VXelements 10 – now boasting a new cloud licensing system, new 3D mesh and entity edition functionalities, multiple CAD imports, and compatibility of the MetraSCAN-R 3D scanners with collaborative robots. VXelements, now an integrated 3D measurement software … read more

Verisurf Software Announces Engine Builder Performance Package

Verisurf Software has announced the Verisurf Engine Builder Performance Package, a complete 3D measurement software, hardware, training, and support package for reverse engineering, designing, building, and verifying high-performance engines and components. The performance package is designed specifically for engine builders … read more